5 of the Best Ways to Increase Cancer Awareness This September

breast cancer awareness

As per estimates, over 1.6 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the USA last year. And close to 600,000 lost their lives to the disease. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA and by 2030, worldwide cancer deaths are projected to increase by 60%!

Despite claiming so many lives, did you know that merely 5% of cancers are hereditary? This suggests our lifestyle choices – what we eat, tobacco consumption, and activity levels – impact our cancer risks. In fact, many cancers can even be prevented by lifestyle changes and successfully treated upon early detection!

September is dedicated to increasing awareness about thyroid, prostate, ovarian, and childhood cancers. As marketers, this gives us a wonderful opportunity to declare war on cancer and let victims know that they’re not alone. Here are some ways to increase cancer awareness this September:

1. Distribute Awareness Information

Knowledge is the first line of defense against cancer. You can set up a booth or workshop at a local event, hospital, university, or any other place with high footfalls. Distribute informative booklets and posters that teach the warning signs and what a person can do to prevent the disease.

Many people won’t come over to you on their own and may require a little nudge. So, make sure that you take a proactive approach to engage them in a conversation.

2. Leverage the Power of Social Media

It doesn’t take long to spread the word online. Simply use your social media pages to share useful articles, pictures, and words of encouragement. Be sure to use trending cancer-related hash tags to reach the maximum number of people.

You could also share stories of people who have fought and survived cancer. Encourage your followers to share their pictures and stories as well.

3. Join an Awareness Event

Local events offer a brilliant platform to raise cancer awareness. There are many events happening all around the country. Cancer runs are some of the most popular events. You could co-sponsor one in your city and participate to show your support. Such events bring many people together, making it easier to spread your message.

4. Change Begins at Home

You don’t necessarily need to do something big for increasing awareness. You can do it right at your workplace. Hold cancer awareness workshops and encourage employees to wear ribbons to work to show their support.

Host an auction and invite employees to give away items to be auctioned off. Give away the proceeds of the auction to a cancer charity. If you don’t wish to hold an auction, you can urge them to donate an amount, even as small as $1. Match the amount raised and donate the entire sum to a cancer relief fund.

There are many organizations that work towards spreading cancer awareness and conducting research. Any donation, big or small, will surely make an impact. Such an act will earn you goodwill and contribute towards your CSR goals as well.

5. Use Cancer Awareness Products

Promotional products can do a great job of promoting a cause. Give away cancer awareness products like printed wristbands, ribbon totes, calendars, and apparel to spread the message. Different cancers have different colors associated with them – lavender for all cancers, orange for leukemia, teal for ovarian, and so on.

Give away products with colors that match the cancer you’re spreading awareness about. Just make sure that you distribute informational material along with the cancer awareness product.

Use these ideas to spread awareness and join the fight against cancer! Contact our team if you need help in picking a promotional product that’s right for your brand.

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