Supporting World Heart Day (September 26) At The Workplace!

It does seem that a lot of people don’t realize the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. This is evident from the fact that 17.3 million people died from cardiovascular diseases globally in 2013, a figure that will hit the 23.6 million mark by 2030.

It’s time we did something to make more people sit up and take note of this alarming condition. The first place to spread awareness is at offices where employees spend a lot of hours behind desks striving to fulfill scary deadlines!

You can make a difference while spreading brand awareness by highlighting the importance of:

  • Boosting physical activity
  • Reducing tobacco use
  • Controlling food intake
  • Fighting cholesterol
  • Keeping blood pressure at check
  • Fighting obesity

Choosing the right occasion to spread awareness about heart disease and strokes

World Heart Federation focuses hard on spreading awareness about cardiovascular diseases. The organization has been observing World Heart Day for many years now. This year, it falls on September 26, a Sunday.

World Heart Federation has invited employers and employees worldwide to take up the responsibility of ensuring workplace wellness. At Promo Direct, we are supporting World Health Day by encouraging companies to promote a heart-friendly working environment through a range of wellness programs.

Here are some ways to support World Heart Day at your workplace:

  1. Add fruits to the office’s menu

It’s a great idea to offer a range of delicious fruits for employees. This will help them realize the importance of eating healthy at work. If your employees are constantly on the move, encourage them to carry some fruits wherever they go!

  1. Encourage employees to bike to work

Launch bike to work initiatives and encourage those living nearby to take up cycling seriously. They could bike to work or during their free time to maintain a healthy heart.

  1. Offer free health checkups

Host health camps at the office and provide employees with an opportunity to know of any nagging heart issue they should be aware of. These camps will encourage employees and customers to perform regular check-ups as well.

  1. Introduce a smoke-free environment at work

Take a stand against smoking by making the workplace a smoke-free environment. Launch personalized booklets that warn about the hazards of smoking and how it can be avoided.

  1. Give away heart-shaped promotional products

At Promo Direct, we have a range of attractive heart-themed giveaways to spread the word about World Heart Day. Have a look at product such as the Heart Shape Stress Ball, Large Heart Magnet, Heart Shape Clip, and Healthy Heart Step Pedometer – consider them as your next marketing tools!

We hope you found this article encouraging enough to use World Heart Day for your branding efforts. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can spread awareness and highlight your brand at the same time!

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