5 Expert Tips to Generate More Leads Using Promo Products

If you have used promotional products before then you know that they are outstanding brand recall tools. They can serve as brand reminders, create positive consumer experiences, build connections with your customers, and much more. But what if you could use promotional giveaways to directly increase your bottom line through lead generation?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in the products or services being offered by a business. And the process of converting strangers to leads is called business lead generation. Promotional products can generate leads for your business, resulting in increased sales and profits.

Here are some ways to use promotional products for business lead generation:

Give Contact Details on Giveaways

Did you know that 80% of consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional products? And that 82% of them can recall the name of the advertiser they received a promotional product from in the last two years? With that high a recall value and market penetration, your giveaway will reach many people and ensure that they remember your brand. Potential customers are likely to think of you when they need a similar product or service.

When contact details like your website, email address, and phone number are imprinted on the giveaway, you make it easier for leads to reach you. More importantly, you can be available at places where relevant purchase decisions may be being made.

Desktop items like calendars, mugs, magnets, and calculators work wonderfully for this. Just make sure that your logo and contact details are easily visible on the promotional product you pick.

Incorporate Promotional Products in Referral Programs

Your existing customers can be your brand’s biggest assets. Since they have no stake in your brand, their recommendations are highly valued and can result in conversions. You can encourage your customers to send referrals your way by rewarding them with useful giveaways.

This will motivate more customers to recommend your brand to their friends and family. Logoed t-shirts, tumblers, mobile accessories, and chocolates make for great rewards for referrals.

Use Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Many brands spend outrageous amounts on celebrity endorsements but fail to notice that their employees could be their biggest advocates! You can give promotional items that your employees can use in their daily lives like backpacks, coolers, office supplies, and drinkware.

When they use these products, they will be advertising your brand wherever they go. Since they already know about your products and services, they can answer any questions a potential lead would have and close the sale.

Get on the Social Bandwagon

If you want to find new leads, you need to go where they are – online. Holding a contest on Facebook and Twitter is one of the best ways to reach a massive audience. People love getting something for free so depending on your budget, offer promotional product hampers or free samples as prizes.

Moreover, if you’re giving away product samples, it gives people an opportunity to try your product. And if they like your product, they wouldn’t mind paying for it. You’ll also see a rapid increase in your social media engagement, and consequently, potential leads.

Introduce Giveaway Tiers for Leads That Convert

If you have been exhibiting at tradeshows, then you must be giving away lots of inexpensive promotional products (read: pens). However, with this approach, you’re randomly giving away your logoed merchandise to every person who passes by.

Instead, introduce tiers for the promotional products you distribute. These tiers will be based on who would be better suited to do business with your brand. As a result, your exhibit will yield more leads that have a higher chance of converting to sales.

This model will enable you to have longer, meaningful conversations with attendees. Everyone who walks into your booth can take a logoed pen or other inexpensive giveaways. And to receive the more expensive items like coolers or bags, have the attendees fill out their details like name, job title, and email address. If they turn out to be a qualified lead, then you can give them premium items like a fancy pen or an action camera.

This method works because the premium item will lure potential customers to your booth and give you enough details about them to know if they would be interested in what you have to offer.

Promotional products can be much more than branding tools – provided you use them wisely. They can aid you in business lead generation as well as augment your marketing campaigns. Promo Direct has an extensive range of promotional products. Reach out to us and we’ll help you pick one that meets your needs.

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