5 Marketing Approaches to Parents Day

Your parents will generally have a lasting influence on how you approach and live your life.

The emotional stability they often lend to you from time to time will, no doubt, lighten the load that life throws your way—and who will forget their supportive role through your formative years?

Recurringly, people want to appreciate their parents. They want to acknowledge the love and care lavished upon them. To honor the social value of parents, the U.S government legislated and established Parents Day in 1994 and this is the perfect time for sons and daughters to make their move.

For those with high earning power, grand gestures in the form of gifts and house visits are the flavor of Parents Day. As Parents Day approaches on the 25th of July, businesses need to gear up their marketing nous, so that they reach out to a consumer base ready to express thankfulness on a meaningful scale.

Held on the fourth Sunday of July, the week preceding the event can involve several mediums of marketing. Here, we outline a few.

#1 Personalized Products


Making an impact at a personal level requires a measure of thoughtfulness. One excellent method of achieving this is through personalized products. You can make available a range of Parents’ Day gifts on your website and eCommerce store in the week preceding Parents Day, and each gift can have customization options.

If your brand isn’t selling typical products that can double as personal gifts, order various products in bulk from promotional product distributors and sell them at a discount for give them away for free. You can let your customers order ceramic mugs, sweatshirts and sweaters with full prints on the front or back. These prints can be themed on Parents Day with loving, witty, and heart-warming one-liners.

Think beyond “World’s Greatest Father/Mother”!

#2 Special Deals & Discounts

With every holiday or annual observance comes the promise of special deals. Customers are conditioned to this, and your business should make no exception for Parents Day. On your social media accounts, websites, and eCommerce stores, roll out various deals and contests in the fortnight preceding the 25th of July. It will incentivize your customers to buy more.

Using promo codes, you can roll out these deals:

  • Free Shipping
  • ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ offers
  • Side Gifts
  • Combo & Package Discounts
  • Percentage Discounts
  • Dollar Value Discounts

When you introduce new products or want to reduce cart abandonment, these deals come in handy. All you have to do is figure out how you can make it appropriate to Parents Day. For example, if you’re offering a custom printed T-shirt with a parents-related messaging on the front, you can also offer it in a combo discount with another T-shirt, given that most buyers will need two T-shirts for both parents.

The next step is to deliver push notifications. Push notifications are similar to text messages, and directly prompt customers and leads on their phones and desktops, promoting your special deal. Statistics show that push notifications earn close to double the click-through rate (CTR) than emails do! That’s how your customers will be alerted of Parents Day and your concomitant deals, and they will soon get redirected to your website or app.

#3 Write Catchy Gift Guides & Blog Posts

Finding the appropriate gift often requires hours of research, product comparisons, and search engine usage, with buyers having to scour many websites, reviews, and eCommerce platforms.

The best businesses save this time for their customers by doing all the research themselves, and coming up with thorough, detailed gift guides and blog posts that make the purchasing process so much easier!

Lighten up their browsing experience with a witty narrative of how to choose the appropriate gifts for parents. Compare product categories, share ideas, and give them links to personalized products in your store!

You can even simplify their selection process a step further with this next approach.

#4 Create a Dedicated Web Page for Parents Day

Browse through your product inventory to recognize ones that can be positioned as a Parents Day gift, even if it’s not directly related to this holiday. When you find sufficient iterations that fit the purpose, compile them and send them to your web developers and designers so that they can make a dedicated Parents Day page or purchasing category.

You don’t know how much easier this dedicated page makes things for online visitors. It can also be used to entice regular shoppers to try out your Parents Day offers. As a retrograde alternative, design an elegant catalog or brochure themed on the occasion.

The next step is to make this page searchable. Use social media to notify and redirect people to it and have your SEO specialists weave their magic so that search engines catch it in the preceding month to Parents Day. Pop-ups on the homepage can also redirect customers to the dedicated page!

#5 Start a Parents Day Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach and keep customers in tandem with your new Parents Day deals. Plan your aforementioned special deals, blog posts, and social media content calendar in advance, so that you can plan email automation around the content you offer there. You could also design a newsletter with the Parents Day theme, and send that to your email list.

Here are a few email marketing ideas for Parents Day:

  • Parents Day countdown
  • Last-minute deals
  • Order deadlines
  • Popular products
  • Abandoned cart reminders

And don’t forget to send mobile friendly emails. Today, 61% of all marketing emails are opened on mobile!

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