7 Promotional Products to Market During National Picnic Month

A gathering of friends for midday repast in the middle of a backyard lawn.

Their laughs waft over the summer breeze as they dawdle on an expansive picnic blanket. Their hands exchange simple picnic fare—sandwiches, cheese, fruits, and fried chicken—and nearby lies an unopened cooler of beer cans and cold beverages.

In the U.S., this sight is not as uncommon, especially in the month of July.

Because July is National Picnic Month, and people all over the country use the pleasant,  sunny weather to convene with Nature. Picnics are fun-filled, family-and-friends events that have great potential for marketing. The American Bakers’ Association founded this yearly observance in 1952, and since then, companies and brands market to their target audience using its relevance.

As an American equivalent to the al fresco lunches of Europe, picnics can take place in several contexts, including backyards, sports events, road trips, and treks and hikes at the nearby natural landmark. There are several specialized products that just hit the right notes in this setting, which your brand can use to expand its mindshare in the community.

#1 Lorenzi 4 Piece Bamboo Cheese Tray


This is an elegant choice that reminds one of the French-style meals where wine and cheese is served. Given that picnics are best with drier and simpler food items which are easy to prepare, consume, and clear up, a cheese board is quite the choice for a picnic.


Gift this to employees and customers who can then use it to cut and sample different cheeses along with their baguettes in the outdoors! Given that the word “picnic” comes from the French word “piquenique,” your brand wouldn’t be far off the mark. Bon appetit!

#2 28 oz. Fruit Infusion Sport Bottle



Summer entails heat. Summer entails perspiration. Therefore, summer entails a great need for hydration in the best possible flavors. This Fruit Infusion Sport Bottle allows recipients to sip clean, healthy water infused with the richness of their favorite fruits and vegetables. Slice up a cold apple or orange and introduce it into the bottle’s interior cage. Then add water, which will carry those nice, fruity flavors all over the bottle.


It also features a flip-top spout and shatterproof PET plastic which is recyclable. It’s very affordable and makes a great addition to the picnic outing. For those brands willing to spend more on promotional products, an insulated tumbler would be an alternative, given its ability to keep beverages cold and hot alike.

#3 Sandwich Container

No picnic outing is complete without a bunch of delicious sandwiches, easily portable, shareable between picnickers, and consumable in transit and at the picnic site. Make your sandwiches more portable with this sandwich container. It is made of BPA-free material and has ample imprint area on its lid for your brand logo and artwork. Your brand can make an impression by selling or giving these products away for free to the nearby community!

#4 Utensil Kit

Make picnic meals easier with this handy utensil kit that can clip to your belt loops with a carabiner. It has 3 utensils—fork, spoon, knife—made of plastic material, and they all come in a convenient carry case. Recipients can use it in transit or at the picnic site with little to no hassle. Given its low cost, you can give these away in bulk to your employees and customers!

#5 Coleman Fliplid Cooler

This promotional product is perfect for a small party of 4-6 people with its capacity of 6 cans. Recipients can store their cold beverages in this before leaving for the picnic site, and they will remain at that optimal temperature until mealtime. It is made of high-density foam that retains the cold temperatures inside the cooler box. Help your target audience beat the heat with this monster!

#6 The Park Blanket

A picnic isn’t quite a picnic without a homely park blanket, spread over the uneven ground or lawn. This one comes portable with a carry handle and velcro, and features water-resistant PVC backing in case of unexpected rain, beverage spilling, or ground dew. It is made of durable polyester fleece and unfolds with a 16 square feet surface area. Make your customers feel at home outside the home!



#7 Tank Tops


While this may not seem like a picnic-related product at first, it is typical summer apparel that most people prefer to wear in the heat of the season. Take advantage of this fact by designing picnic-related artwork and witty messaging over the whole front or back of the tank top. This medium can be doubly powerful for your brand due to the freedom of creativity it allows, and your customers will also love the airy, coolness the top lends! It is available for both men and women!


For more information on these picnic-related products to market to the target community, check out the website, blog, and inventory of Promo Direct. We are an established promotional product company working in North America for the past three decades. We have also curated an outdoor and leisure range of promotional products for the very purpose of events like picnics.