4 Industrious Marketing Ploys for American Independence Day

It is that time of the year when the Red, White, and Blue emerges in all its glory.

There are many people who believe that this nation will always embody values of graft, entrepreneurship, and industry—and they are proud of it. More than that, the emotions that ring through the streets during Independence Day will give communities a solidarity sorely needed in the socially-distanced microcosm of the 2020-21 pandemic.

The 2020 National Retail Foundation (NRF) Independence Day Survey reported that only 76% of the surveyed group said they would celebrate the occasion, down from 85-90% during non-pandemic years of 2014-19.

However, 2021’s Independence Day is predicted to have a greater social effect than its 2020 edition. With many states having their social distancing restrictions relaxed, and many citizens already vaccinated twice, there will be more public events for companies and brands to target.

Here are 5 major celebration plans that consumers will be undertaking during Independence Day, with corresponding ideas on how to market to them outlined below.

#1 Cookouts, Barbeques, or Picnics

These outings are, by far, the most popular celebration plan among the surveyed group in the 2020 NRF Independence Day Survey. More than half (56%) of the surveyed group planned to organize an outdoor eating session with family and friends, with 60-65% being the distribution during normal, non-pandemic years of 2014-19.

In 2020, the nation’s total spend of food items for Independence Day touched $6.52 billion. These numbers were down from 2015-2019 ($6.7 – 7.1 billion) naturally due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brands should look to create advertisements and emails around these food-related settings. Using promotional products can also be a great idea, with picnics and barbeques having their own themed products. Brands should also try giving away “Made in the USA” items to keep with the spirit of the holiday. Examples of those, tuned to the cookout setting, are coolers, gallon jugs, and even fun-filled toys like flyers, that allow guests a little game before lunch.

#2 Community Celebration:


Most people are out and about during the day in community celebrations. There could be sports, music, and outdoor family events that include a significant subset of a brand’s target audience. Come the night, there are fireworks to play with. The occurrence of these communal events went down to 24% in 2020, after hovering around 40-45% from 2014-19.

Given the high incidence of people, apparel can be a great target for brands. Apparel is, anyway, the second-most popular choice among product categories, with 51% of the surveyed group asserting they would buy this product in 2020. Make sure to give away caps, shirts, pullovers, and tank tops in colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue. You can also imprint patriotic messaging and artwork on them!

#3 Town Parades

In all the many towns, boroughs, and cities peppered across the vast lands of the U.S., the Independence Day parade is constant. Citizens will make that trip to the main hubs and town squares along with friends and family just to have a loud and energetic time! Complementing this joyous time, brands can give out thunder sticks, noisemakers, and hand clappers. Also, a bulk order of candy snack packs can keep a whole town square’s worth of citizens happy, as they walk through the main streets. You can also target the younger demographic with patriotic drawstring backpacks, emblazoned with the flag colors as well as your brand’s logo and messaging!

#4 Out-of-Town Vacations

From 2014-19, 12-15% of the annual NRF Independence Day Survey’s groups preferred to spend the holiday travelling or on out-of-town vacations. Brands can target travelling audiences by using bumper stickers and car window decals. This product category is the 5th most popular according to the survey, with 9-12% of the target groups choosing to purchase them for the week preceding Independence Day. Brands can also give away patriotic-themed key tags and tumblers for the road.

For more information on an appropriate range of patriotic and American-made products for July the 4th, contact and discuss options with a national promotional product company. Promo Direct is one such American company, with decades of experience in the industry for your brand’s benefit!