5 Successful Client Promotion Case Studies: Using Promo Products to Grow a Business (Part – 2)


Promotional items are versatile, handy, impactful, and affordable compared to other traditional methods of marketing. So there is no doubt why they have been the foundation of most successful marketing campaigns.

This 4 part series is all about client promotion campaigns that implemented promo items to widen the brand’s reach, connect better with the target audience, and improve the campaign’s success rate.

Part 2 of the series consists of 5 case studies that fall under Networking/Announcement programs, Educational programs, Non-profit programs, Political programs, and Employee Recognition programs.

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Let’s quickly go through the case studies.

1) Networking/ Announcement Programs

#Case Study 1

Client: Delivery service

Target Audience: Shoppers

Primary Objective: The main aim was to invite shoppers from Alabama and other parts of the country for a 2-day meet. The meet was geared towards networking and included an announcement from the client’s leadership team. Bringing people together under one roof was exciting for the client as they wanted to announce updates about their app and share their goals of improving the shopping experience.

Overall Cost: $16,000 

Strategy & Execution: The client wanted to hold a universal meet, open to all shoppers and exclusive to their customers. The challenge was to entice thousands of shoppers from around the country and have them visit the client’s headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.

To help the client, the distributor used email and social media to encourage shoppers to sign up and share details for the upcoming programs. The enrollment offered a goodie bag filled with appealing promo items. The bag was to be handed to shoppers on the day of the event. An attractive logo and event theme was also developed.

These initiatives got the people excited, and two of the cities finest venues were booked for the event. As the event kicked off, the venue was filled with food, dancing, fun activities, and chatter about the meet. On the second day, the goodie bags were distributed to the attendees. Each bag contained a trendy t-shirt, an attractive custom pen, and a personalized journal.

Results: The apparel was a hit, as were the pens and the journals. The app updates were announced, and the CEO shared his views on the future of the organization. Shoppers’ stories were heard, execs answered questions, and efficiencies were discussed. Many attendees wore the logoed t-shirt at the event, and the buzz continued to grow. The event was a massive success and, 3 more were planned in various other locations around the country.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) Gildan Softstyle® T-Shirt

2) Element Pen

3) Ambassador Bound JournalBook

4) 8” x 10” Grocery Shopping Tote Bags

2) Educational Programs

#Case Study 2

Client: Financial lending institution

Target Audience: Employees from a leading organization.

Primary Objective: The aim was to broaden the staff’s perspective, increase understanding of operations, motivate employees to participate in the training sessions, and increase staff engagement.

Overall Cost: $15,473

Strategy & Execution: A custom logo was designed and used on branded gifts. These gifts could be obtained only after attending the training sessions. A VIP giveaway was selected to enhance participation and generate positive discussions. The employees who attended would receive the gifts, and some even stood a chance to win the VIP product.

The VIP item was to be gifted to employees who contributed the most to the session. A winner would also be chosen randomly for a grand prize towards the end of the session. Various promo items were selected for the event. These included coolers, t-shirts, barbeque sets, collapsible chairs, tumblers, and wireless headphones.

 Results: The client ended up achieving 70% attendance. Sales boosted by 20% within a few months. Management was pleased by this initiative and doubled their budget for the next training session.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) Koozie® Collapsible Can Kooler

2) Captain’s Chair

3) 16 oz. Blue Monday Travel Tumbler

4) Bawl True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds

3) Non-profit programs

#Case Study 3

Client: Delivery service

Target Audience: Nonprofit

Primary Objective: The main objective was to provide cancer patients with a convenient item such as a binder for storing and compiling important files through each stage of their journey. The client also wanted to offer products that relieved stress and provided comfort. The nonprofit organization personalized the items to let the patients know about the support they provide.

 Overall Cost: $7,841.92

Strategy & Execution: The brand colors and logo were imprinted in the products. The item consisted of a binder that could be used to write notes, questions, and store appointment info. A pen also accompanied the binder along with a journal to write vital information such as surgical history, medications, physician information. Patients could also use the journal to pen down their feelings. A tote bag was provided to carry all the items and, each product had web addresses printed on them.

Results: Almost 350 patients used the binder to keep copies of scans and reposts. Many physicians said that they wanted all their patients to store reports in such an organized manner.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) Vinyl Binder 1″ Ring

2) Tuscany Journal

3) Souvenir® Sol Pen

4) City Life Tote Bag

4) Political Programs

 #Case Study 4

 Client: Nonprofit community organization

Target Audience: 3,700 households in Minneapolis and eligible voters who saw the promo poster in Minnesota.

Primary Objective: To promote Minnesota state and increase voter turnout for the elections in 2020 was the primary objective. The promotion also aimed to create networking opportunities for voters who stop by at the polling party tent.

Overall Cost: $326.94

Strategy & Execution: The client had already established a tradition of conducting outdoor polling parties. The idea was to greet voters with free tea, coffee, treats and engage them one-on-one. They had used yard signs in the past to increase the turnout. However, this time around, they wanted reusable and sustainable laminated posters. Volunteers were also recruited to place the posters in important areas.

Results: 3000 residents came to vote, and many even stopped at the polling party tent. There was a 60.3% turnout rate of voters. The result was almost double the national average of 28.5% for presidential primaries.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) 11 x 17 Full Color Poster

2) Double-Sided Yard Sign 14 1/2 x 23

3) Simpo Square A-Frame Kit

4) 4″ Dia Round Sticker

5) Employee Recognition Programs

#Case Study 5 

Client: Food delivery app

Target Audience: 300 head office staff members between the ages of 20-30. 

Primary Objective: The client required cool giveaways to encourage and thank young team members.  

Total Cost: $9,524 AUD 

Strategy & Execution: The client was from Australia, a country famous for its beautiful beaches. During the time, beach towels with flamingo-adorned designs and smiley-face emojis were trending in most retail stores. Attractive and trendy beach towels were selected for the employee recognition program. 

Results: The promo item was perfect for the staff demographic, and it ended up creating quite some buzz. The employees were impressed by the giveaway and raved about it for a long time. This helped improve employee retention and enhance brand awareness among young people in the area.

Similar Product Recommendations:

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We hope this article was insightful and encourages you to implement promo items in your marketing strategy. Stay tuned for part 3 of the series, where we will cover some more interesting client promotion case studies. If you are looking for additional promo product recommendations, then feel free to get in touch with us. Our experts will help you through every step of the way!