4 Marketing Ideas for Fresh Success in 2021

After a challenging 2020, businesses everywhere are looking to emerge from their state of relative inactivity.

Revenues must spring into life, and several marketing strategies must be understood and implemented to get those revenues up again.

This means that your marketing strategies need to be incisive enough to get what you want in terms of leads, sales, and reach. Brand recall is always paramount, yes? And your losses over 2020, if any, might be compensated if you have your marketing approach rejigged for the new year. After all, there is the whole preceding year of reports and analytics to inform you of what needs improving and what’s working.

Here are 4 ideas that will help you get back on that horse in 2021.

#1 Use the Winter Seasonal Advantage

Discounts, gifts, and content that are themed to a seasonal issue always help a customer. Given that much of the U.S.is undergoing low winter temperatures, you could theme your product and content marketing on needs and services that arise from these effects.

Food and beverage companies can give out tips on how customers can keep their lunch boxes and water bottles warm during work hours. Children’s apparel companies can give out tips on how to dress children in areas with heavy snow.

Any logical solution to any seasonal problem is welcomed by customers and potential leads. Home insulation and snow removal companies will be having a lot of opportunities in this weather! But even if you aren’t that type of company, you can always give away winterwear promotional products and the like to familiarize yourself with your consumer base.

#2 Continue to Hard Sell on Social Media

The blossoming trend of customers and leads purchasing products and services directly from social media platforms is expected to reap benefits for a long time. Customers and online users often can’t be bothered to jump platforms to make a purchase and would rather make the purchase where they see it on Facebook or Instagram.

Take advantage of this trend with targeted social media ads and posts. Find a relevant target audience, test different content against it, and not only will your brand gain discovery but direct sales as well. Hire the best Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter marketers as soon as possible.

#3 Work with a Customer Loyalty or Referral Program

The idea behind customer loyalty and referral programs is to give your customers and leads the incentive to continue to use your services. By doing so, they will recognize that you offer them something valuable with a familiar, meaningful relationship to support it on.

Create a system using stamps, promotional codes, and vouchers. Based on this system, the more purchases they make, the more discounts or promotional giveaways they can garner. Should they help you gain purchases through referrals, they can also garner further rewards.

Lastly, to tie in with the previous point, link your loyalty program to your social media channels and in your Google My Business account so customers can find out about it easily.

#4 Don’t Forget to Focus on Health & Hygiene

Despite the pandemic and its effects being expected to wane as we go deeper in 2021, health and hygiene will continue to stay popular. Why? People are aware of the value of their health now more than ever and are continuously looking for new ways to improve their lifestyles, nutrition, and habits.

Gently nudge them on their path by churning out content based on these topics. Write about healthy recipes, instructions on how to exercise and enable skincare, and discuss the virtues of social responsibility during the remaining period of this pandemic. Or you could give out health and hygiene products, personalized and imprinted with your brand logo or some memorable pop culture reference.

There is an abundance of promotional masks, personal care products, and fitness and spa products you could give away for free or at a discount just to enable brand recall on a larger scale. For more ideas on other kinds of promo products, contact Promo Direct.

Remember that today, customers and potential leads want to buy from brands that are conscientious about their marketing, which utilizes first-party shopper data to understand and predict their customers’ purchases. Brands that get to know their customers on a personal level, to know where their preferences lie. If you, as a business, cover all these bases, you will make a mark on your target audiences in the new year.