6 Mobile Marketing Tips To Gain More Visibility On Handheld Devices

A whopping 88% of American adults own a smartphone! Millennials represent 98% of this staggering statistic. And you are in marketing trouble if you own a business that is not widely visible on handheld devices! It’s important to ensure that the target audience can access your brand on their devices – divert a part of your marketing efforts to ensure online assets appear without any hassles on the small screens of handheld devices.

Featured below are 6 mobile marketing tips that are definitely worth your attention!

  1. Make your website responsive in nature
    A responsive design ensures that your website looks good on all kinds of devices, from desktops and tablets to smartphones and laptops. Ensure that your website has responsive design by hiring a designer who will work on your site’s pages to resize, shrink, hide, or enlarge content. This will help to optimize web pages for all kinds of viewing purposes.

    2. Launch a mobile app
    A mobile app can serve as a meaningful and highly useful communication channel for your business.

    Do you think your business will benefit with the launch of a mobile app? If yes, hire an App Developer to create a user-friendly application that is light-weight and easy to install. Pepper the app with useful links to your products and services. FAQs and other important data should be present as well.

    Through the app, customers can do business with your company without stepping out of their comfort zone.

    3. Opt for ads through Facebook for mobile devices

    Facebook’s mobile ads add a new dimension to advertising. An ad can be placed anywhere on the Facebook page and is a great way to attract the attention of social media users. Ads on Facebook offer amazing ROI that cannot be ignored!

    4. Opt for ads through Google AdWords for specific mobile devices.

    Google AdWords allow advertisers to start campaigns targeting specific mobile devices. For example, let’s assume a lot of your customers use android-based devices. You can use Google AdWords to start CPC campaigns that target android users. You will be on the right path since there is a growing trend towards AdWords campaigns aimed at smartphone users.

  2. Launch ads that accompany a mobile game or app

Is there a hugely popular mobile game or app you want to be a part of? Why not launch ads that can appear when the user opens the game or app on his/her device? Many businesses have already opted for this form of marketing. It has a promising future and will definitely grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

  1. And finally, believe in the power of SMS marketing!

There used to be a time when SMSes were active contributors to the marketing world. Things have changed now but SMS marketing still retains a certain charm. With millions having access to mobile devices, there is every chance your marketing-based SMSes will be opened and read. It’s cheaper than most marketing campaigns and is definitely worth a try.

We hope the 6 tips featured here will give your branding efforts new meaning in this handheld device-friendly world. Get in touch with us for marketing insights or giveaway ideas and we’ll gladly be of help!

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