8 Promotional Product Ideas to Keep Customers Warm in Winter

Snow falls, heating bills rise, and any human activity outdoors is thought over twice before being acted upon.

The cold season is upon us!

Yes, winter brings us nice images of family-filled drawing rooms, hot chocolate, yellow-lighted ovens with roast Christmas dinners, and the bustle of the holidays

But that doesn’t mean it comes without its icy challenges.

You might want to solve these challenges for your employees and customers ahead of time. Conveying to them these promotional giveaways is a thoughtful act on your part. It will give them a warm impression of your brand as the season wears on.

1) A Homely Soup Mug
If there’s any season that defines hot soup, it’s winter. Assist your employees and customers with this deliciously agreeable habit. While their soup bubbles in the logo-imprinted Aztec soup mug and memorable smells waft through their kitchens, they can only have a favorable impression of your brand!

2) A Snug Pair of Glove

When employees work at the office in the winter months, the cold stiffens those fingers they are typing, swiping, and writing with. A pair of warm, soft gloves goes a long way to keeping those fingers limber and loose. The Leeman Heathered Knit Gloves works as a fine example of your thoughtfulness toward their winter-induced clumsiness.

If you are feeling generous, you can give it in combination with the below type of giveaway!

3) A Cozy Top for Office 

There are several ways to mix winter necessities with a semi-casual look in the office. Quarter-zip fleece jackets for men and women is one way.

If your company is bigger, having more employees to serve, and you’re looking for a more affordable option, fleece hooded pullovers and crewneck sweatshirts work well. Should the weather also be wet, you could use the trekker jacket for men and women, which has superior water repellency, though it comes at a steep price.

For a more fashionable option for women employees, try the Marled cocoon sweater with Dolman sleeves.

And what can all of this match well with?

4) A Fluffy Beanie

Given the color palettes for most products are similar, our beanies will match well with other winter wear promo products.

You know that insulating the head during colder weather is a necessity to prevent illness. For the same, give away our beanies in a cotton blend or full acrylic. If you are looking for style variations, we have pom and slouch beanies to play around with.

5) An Elegant Scarf

Winter gear isn’t complete without an elegant scarf to pair with. Our Grace infinity scarf, in full acrylic, comes in five custom colors. Gift it to customers and employees who prefer a healthy mix of fashion with function.

Who knows—you could even be garnering more brand recall than you hoped for if they drape it on their snowman in the front lawn!

6) A Comfy Blanket

What says “winter comfort” more than a blanket? You would prefer to give away ones with the warmth of wool.

TheElliston wool-blend blanket is 50% wool and comes with a vegan leather holder that allows your customers and employees to take the blanket outdoors if need be.

7) Containers That Keep Warm Beverages Warm

And how does that beverage stay warm in the colder-than-usual temperatures? With a vacuum-insulated container, of course.

Give away insulated tumblers and mugs to help out your employees and customers, as they try to keep warm indoors. The logo imprints will do the job of promoting brand recall for you, on a large scale!

8) Our Special Combination Winter Gift Sets

Lastly, you can always combine some of the above products into one winter-themed gift set.

Choose from our Fireplace calm gift set, log cabin warm gift set, and winter daily gift set to give 2 memorable items for 1 person. Your employees and customers will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness given the variety it offers.


As the season marches on through the next three months, you will continue to have an opportunity to shower these promotional giveaways on your customers and employees. For more ideas, you can contact us and we will proffer the best methods to grow brand awareness during winter.