4 Reasons Why Custom Apparel Matters in 2021 & Beyond

“Is custom apparel relevant, given the pandemic situation right now?”

This may be a question that many small and big businesses are starting to ask. With many companies closed, schools planning to continue online until next year, and sports teams playing with virtual audiences, the future may seem quite uncertain. However, the answer to the above question might take you by surprise.

Personalized apparel and items bearing company logos are pertinent today as they ever were, possibly even more so. As we strive to stay in touch, these logoed products will keep businesses connected with their audience and give recipients a reason to look forward to better days ahead.

Let us have a comprehensive understanding of why custom promotional apparel still matters in 2021 and beyond.

1) Provides a Personal Touch

Custom apparel is just not referred to as “just another stuff we received” anymore. When your customers get a gift from you in 2021, it is bound to bring hope and excitement. After all, we can agree that this year has been nothing short of challenging for many of us. Receiving a personalized T-shirt or a cozy blanket will evoke a sense of comfort, care, and appreciation, something we all need right now.

Also, do extend the generosity of gifting to your office team as well. With employees working remotely and teams not being able to interact in the same room, your organization needs to find ways to keep everyone motivated. An excellent way to create high morale in your team is by giving away logoed apparel. You can rely on these impactful gestures to make your interaction more personal and relevant.

2) Creates an Online Buzz

The trend of uploading unboxing videos or “thank you/ appreciation” posts have been on the rise for quite some time now. In 2021, with more people spending time on social media, this trend will not show any signs of slowing down.

If anything, people are more likely to remove the time to let their online friends and followers know about receiving an elegant shirt or athletic wear. It also emphasizes the significance of packaging and neatly presenting your gifts, as it may very well feature as a star on the show of your recipient’s YouTube channel.

3) The Biz-Leisure Movement

Before you start gifting, you need to know that embellished apparel may not work the same way it did before the COVID pandemic. You need to adapt your gifts to what everyone is wearing now.

The Biz-leisure movement is the thing right now. Even though meetings are taking place virtually, professionals want to put-together clothing that feels comfortable. Trend experts call this the Biz-leisure style. It means donning apparel that looks polished on the top for the camera while wearing sweatpants or shorts off-camera. This provides all-day comfort and convenience.

So when it comes to choosing apparel, opt for a style that mixes professional look and comfort. Such blends of apparel will help your recipients conduct virtual meetings in a relaxed manner. To generate more appreciation and improve brand awareness, you can start kitting. It means putting together practical necessities like face coverings, polo shirts, blankets, or hats and sending them in promotional boxes.

4) Be Future-Ready

The last few months have seen many businesses trying to adjust to new circumstances. However, it’s important to know that the lessons we are carrying forward to the next year are valuable ones.

Some companies have closed down and don’t plan to return to shared office spaces. In some cases, administrative staff from large hospitals have decided to work from home till next year. Even Google is encouraging many of its employees to work remotely until 2021. What all of this means is that the current situation is giving us a glimpse of the future.

With this insight, we can be certain about a few things. One of which is, people do need clothing to wear. The money that organizations were spending on office space rent and employee travel can be redirected to sending logoed apparel and other kinds of presents to customers and employees. This way, organizations can continue creating an impact and reach out to people.

In conclusion, we have to accept that things are not getting back to normal anytime soon. However, companies that are proactive and are implementing creative solutions to connect with their audience will see the most success now and in the months to come.

Searching for attractive custom promotional apparel or want to know which type of logoed apparel is right for your business? Get in touch with us today and we will help you with the selection part. What’s more, with the launch of our Custom Fulfillment Service feature, we will take care of the handling, organizing, packing, and shipping of the items. This way, you can focus on the main aspects of your business and leave the shipping to us.