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Importance of a Twitter Re-tweet - It multiples your online brand presence
11th October, 2010
’Word of mouth’ is merely an old-world description of the Re-tweet phenomenon which is slowly becoming the largest information-exchange base in virtual space. The borderless nature of the Twitter-sphere is enough reason to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, as the power of Re-tweet multiplies your online brand presence manifold! Here’s how…
Gives marketing a human touch
Usually a marketer tries to sell his product or service to a faceless target group. While he may have the most creative business ideas to promote his product/service, it is crucial that his communication methods have an altruistic flavor rather than a money-making one. A Re-tweet gives more credibility because it is reviewed and re-disseminated by members of your target group themselves.
A Re-tweet a day keeps oblivion at bay
Website visits, friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter have all become parameters to judge brand recognition. The Re-tweet goes a step further and offers brand recall, at no cost at all. The more Re-tweets you get, the more people get to know you and want to know more. Your brand is viewed, re-viewed and recalled repeatedly thereby making your brand presence immortal in Twitter-sphere.
Twitter barter
Nothing comes free but in Twitter it comes cheap. Re-tweeting other’s tweets is a good way to garner good-will for your brand as it is the simplest version of praise on Twitter, and they will return the favor by Re-tweeting your posts. Besides, it establishes that you are not on Twitter solely for the purpose of promotional advertising, but believe in interaction too.