Sectors that benifits from Promotional Products

In our effort to understand the market opinion on the Promotional Products, we ran a small poll on LinkedIn. The question asked was:

Which sectors do you think the promotional products help most in gaining business?

  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Educational Sector
  • Corporate Sector
  • Government Sector

We received about 200 votes with the ¡°Corporate Sector¡± and ¡°Pharmaceutical Sector¡± competing closely.

49% of the voters believe that the corporate sector gains maximum business by giving away promo items. One of the voters Anna Gregerson says, ¡°¡­That said, just wanted to note that as of 2010, pharmaceutical companies are pretty limited in what they can give out to medical offices and government offices have pretty tight controls as well. Educational settings vary, but I’ve seen policies limiting both the value and the type of promo product. The matrix isn’t just value – it’s ecology, where manufactured, safety and some other mind boggling add ons. Doesn’t mean that they are not important but I think it does mean that in marketing to these groups you need to think about other ways to remain memorable while building the relationship – Promotional products are very much secondary to building the one-on-one relationships and establishing trust. Unless you’re talking about tradeshows – where the competition for the shiniest thing is fierce and it’s hard to stand out – the corporate sector still offers the most ROI on promotional products. In fact, in an odd twist of fate, it is actually a turnoff if nothing is ever sent or offered. Natch, it has to make sense, be interesting and at least remotely relate to what you do —– but the worst sin is never giving anything – I’ve seen and experienced really good companies being perceived as less than competent/savvy when there was absolutely nothing ever offered or left behind. Weird but true. Just my (rarely) humble opinion.¡±

Another voter Kirk Dixon says, ¡°I agree with these comments, corporate is way broader, and has far more reach. And both corporate and Pharmaceuticals have deeper pockets than education & government. But I voted Pharma because I think the promotional samples with Pharma product launches are real, so when used in conjunction with a promotional magnet, calendar, pen, or any other promo item, they accomplish both brand visibility, recognition, contact info., in addition to an actual customer experience of the product benefits which can be far more valuable.¡±

With these opinions and promotional business ideas it would not be incorrect to say that both pharma and corporate sectors can effectively use promotional products to gain more business. However, the same cannot be said of the educational and government sectors where promotional items would not gain a significant amount of business, even though they may benefit by giving away the products to their users in general.

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