Facebook introducing new service similar to Groupon

Facebook, is testing a new business platform that will help it to venture into business deals with local small businesses in selected cities. Earlier in the month, the social networking giant wrote on its wall, “We’re testing a new Deals feature that brings you offers from nearby businesses, which you can share with your friends”. This feature is currently being test run in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco.

Former to this systematic targeting to increase businesses on its platform, Facebook allowed small businesses to have a dedicated ¡°business page¡± where they could advertise their offers and schemes. However, users who wanted to know more about these offers had to visit those specific pages. This new application by Facebook will remove the need to visit specific pages and make receiving offers and deals more convenient. Similar in functioning to ¡°Groupon¡±, this application however, will bring offers right on the walls of the users. Once a local business makes a deal with Facebook, it will be able to publish the details of their offers on the homepage of users.

The development of this feature is a boon for small businesses especially those planning new online business ideas. For local businesses, the opportunity to publish offers on a platform as popular as Facebook is sure to?? boost sales. Businesses can innovate promotional ideas which will promote their businesses without too much added cost. Analysts believe this marketing strategy could prove to be as successful as the use of promotional products in generating business for small, local businesses.

When Facebook pioneered itself as a social networking site, it brought a lot of long lost friends together. Its wonderful business page, brought success to several businesses as they could understand and interact with their clientele and market their new business ideas to them, directly. With the advent of this new business application, this giant is all set to bring a new revolution in business strategy and change the course of online marketing.

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