What’s New in 2018: Promotional Products Industry Trends

What a year it’s been! The promotional products industry saw a 3.6% increase in sales, indicating a steady rise in spends on promotional products. With 2017 in the rear view and the new year just around the corner, now is the time to invest in trending products and keep up with the latest industry practices.

Also, capitalizing on hot products could get your brands noticed and may even win over customers! So, let’s look at some of the emerging promotional products trends and which giveaways will help you make the most of your marketing dollars:

Tech All the Way (Extra Points for Wireless)

Ever since 2014, tech products have been gaining popularity as promotional giveaways. Last year, power banks were among the top promo products, owing to the numerous devices people now own. Power banks, however, are not as popular with customers as they used to be. Some of the most sought-after tech products are the ones with wireless capabilities.

This may trigger the rise of wireless promotional chargers in 2018. Some of the other popular tech giveaways include earbuds, speakers, phone stands, and selfie sticks.

Better Quality Products Give Better Results

We have seen this trend growing in recent years and it is expected to continue in 2018 as well. High-value products perform better when it comes to conversions and impressing customers. Moreover, these items will be used for a longer time and increase your brand’s recall value.

Higher Value Associated with Trusted Retail Brands

Trusted and well-recognized brands like Bic, Nike, and Hanes are appreciated and valued more by customers. They create a stronger impression and reinforce the recipient’s personal brand choices. Moreover, having your own logo imprinted alongside popular brand logos helps customers see your brand in a different light.

Regular Use Products Still Popular

Some of the most popular promotional items are the ones that are used on a daily basis. Gifts like t-shirts, tumblers, totes, writing items, and stationery have long shelf lives and are appreciated by customers. In addition, these products offer high brand visibility due to frequent use.

Increased Focus on Millennials

According to a research study by SnapApp and Heinz Marketing, 82% of B2B buying committees have at least one millennial employee. In the next few years, this number will increase and subsequently, so will the role of millennials in organizational buying decisions. The promotional products industry will see an increased focus on millennials and understanding of their motivations. Influencing this segment early-on can greatly benefit B2B organizations.

What We’re Saying…

Welcome the new year’s campaigns by incorporating these insights in your marketing plans. If you want to order trending promotional products, our reps will help you find the perfect one for your business.

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