7 Promotional Items for Millennials to Win Them Over

According to the Pew Research Center, there are 75.4 million American millennials, making them the largest living generation in the United States! In fact, millennials make up for 53.5% of the workforce and based on estimates, they wield a combined spending power of $2.45 trillion. For a marketer, this makes them one of the most important consumer groups.

However, attention spans are shorter than ever – especially for millennials who are digitally connected 24/7. For brands, this can pose a challenge. Since promotional products are tactile representatives of your brand, they can get past the digital clutter (besides, who doesn’t like free swag?). Moreover, they are also an extremely rewarding way to market to millennials.

If you’re not convinced, consider this:

As per PPAI’s Millennial Consumer Spotlight Feature, after receiving a promotional product,

  • 9 in 10millennials remember the brand
  • 6 in 10millennials remember the message
  • 9 in 10millennials have a more favorable impression of the brand

If you’re wondering which giveaway to use for the best results, we’ve got your back! Here are some promotional items that will strike a chord with millennials:

1. Power Banks

Power banks are some of the most coveted giveaways. Be it a smartphone, tablet, cameras, or portable speakers, everyone owns a gadget that needs to be charged on the go. If you’re giving away power banks, you can be assured that they will be used for a long time and very well appreciated by your audience.

Our recommendation: Cherokee Power Bank

What makes it special:

  • Made of bamboo, giving it a unique look and feel
  • Ample space for your logo
  • Free 24-hour rush service
  • Dual output for charging two gadgets at once

2. Portable Speaker

Millennials like their music. In fact, they listen to music 75.1% more than baby boomers! So, what better gift than a portable speaker? Speakers, while more expensive than other items on this list, are sure to win over your audience.

Our recommendation:Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

What makes it special:

  • Waterproof (IP66-rated);great for pool parties
  • Features a carabiner clipfor convenient and safe outdoor use
  • 6-wattspeakers and 33-feet Bluetooth range


3. Smartphone Augmentations

Millennials treat their smartphones like a part of their bodies. So, any smartphone-related promotional product will fare well if you’re marketing to them. Products like phone stands, sleeves, and rings are extremely handy and popular. In addition, these items are perfect for brands that have a low promotional budget.

Our recommendations:

MopTopper™ Eye-Popping Phone Stand

Twister Cell Phone Metal Ring Holder and Stand

Silicone Card Sleeve

What makes them special:

  • Great at grabbing attention
  • High logo visibility
  • Will be used for a long time

4. Health and Wellness Giveaways

Millennials are more health-conscious than any other generation. More than a third of them exercise twice or thrice a week for at least 30 minutes. Promo items that promote health and wellness will show your audience that your brand cares about their well-being.

Our recommendation:Zen Essentials Set

What makes it special:

  • It is a unique gift item hence will make your brand more memorable.
  • Gives your brand a more polished image
  • Helpsthe recipient relax and wind down

5. Eco-friendly Products

37% of millennials are willing to favor a brand that supports a cause they believe in even if they have to pay a little extra. So, if your brand is deemed environment-conscious, it will help you gain major brownie points with millennials.

Our recommendation: Bamboo Coaster

What makes it special:

  • Eco-friendly and classy
  • Clear visibility for your logo
  • Budget-friendly

Millennials love a promotional item that is fun, useful, and hip. Remember, if they consider your swag to be cool, they will post pictures on their social media accounts and give your brand free online publicity. If you want to order any of the above-listed products or have any questions regarding promo items, feel free to reach out.

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