Using Text Messaging To Boost Customer Experiences

Modern consumers are in control of how they wish to interact with businesses. There are plenty of communication channels available at their fingertips – from websites and emails to phone calls and social media sites! Companies have to think ahead and make use of maximum communication channels to ensure higher levels of customer interaction and satisfaction.

The past decade has witnessed billions of people across the world communicating through social messaging apps. These apps are free to use and offer high levels of comfort and confidentiality. They have overtaken conventional SMSes as the preferred mode of personal communication. However, this doesn’t mean that SMSes are to be ignored. Businesses still rely on them to get their point across. And cellphone users haven’t abandoned good ol’ SMSes yet!

The first step is to realize that SMSes can be used for more than just announcements and confirmations. A lot of marketing professionals rely on them to increase conversion rates, boost loyalty among customers, and build eternal customer relationships. SMSes can also be used as a supporting partner for emails and social media campaigns.

The following tips will explain how business text messaging will serve your brand:

  1. Use text messaging to reach a widespread audience

Everybody owns a cellphone! So, in order to ensure that your target audience gets to know what you have to offer, send them a catchy and non-spammy SMS in about 160 characters. If the recipient appreciates the intention of the SMS, there are high chances of you scoring a marketing goal!

  1. Send personalized messages that win their approval

Existing customers won’t mind receiving offers via text. For example, a personalized message that says ‘Hi Mary, get 30% off on your next spa visit by showing this message!’ will definitely help your business!

  1.  Integrate SMS with other marketing channels

Make sure that text messaging is an integral part of your business. Add URLs to the SMSes sent out by your team to ensure there is a call-to-action. Use SMS along with emails and eCommerce channels to ensure that every interaction is tracked in a wholesome manner.

  1. Support your Direct Mail campaigns

A Direct Mail campaign takes a lot of effort to excel. Combine it with the power of text messaging to gain extra marketing mileage. For example, sending out an SMS offering an extra incentive after the direct mail is delivered will ensure that the recipient opens the envelope!

  1. Ask for feedback via SMS

People hate taking time-consuming surveys. You could design a messaging program that asks questions every few hours. The program should be designed to ensure that the second message goes if the recipients respond to the first question. A well-planned text messaging program can elicit better responses from your customers.

Get ready to adopt a business text messaging campaign in a big way! Use the insights provided here to grab the right marketing attention. Contact us if you need promotional merchandise to kick-start your marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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