5 Giveaway Ideas for National Blood Donor Month (January)

There are plenty of National and Official Months every year. There are high chances that you probably haven’t heard about a lot of them. But each month has several awareness or remembrance campaigns attached to it. These special months help citizens become more aware about a particular cause, ailment, or national event.

Of course, some awareness months have more importance than others. Take the example of National Blood Donor Month in January. There is no hiding the fact that blood donors save lives. They do a mighty fine job of helping accident victims and other patients in dire need of blood. National Blood Donor Month helps people take a more active part in the process.

So, why is January celebrated as National Blood Donor Month? Blood donors are needed all through the year and the situation becomes very acute in January when the weather is particularly bad. Having an awareness month in January will remind citizens of the importance of donating blood even in the harshest of weathers!

Businesses across America use this opportunity to distribute some useful giveaways. Featured below are some popular products recommended for National Blood Donor Month!

  1. Round Stress Reliever


Made of squeezable foam, this product helps fight stress at work or home. It’s easy to grip and can be used anywhere, helping recipients focus on the immediate task at hand! What’s more, your message for National Blood Donor Month gets highlighted as well!

  1. Flexible Key Tags (Rectangle)


These American key tags are made of Flex-Soft touch material. It comes with a 1″ split-ring attachment for great convenience. This product can be attached to pockets or purses with ease. Each key tag comes individually polybagged for easy distribution.

  1. 25 oz Plastic Mason Jar


This jar is part of our Free 24 Hour Rush Service – order today and we ship tomorrow! Made of recyclable tritan plastic and BPA-free material, this product meets FDA standards. The wide mouth opening allows for easy insertion of ice cubes. It comes with a matching lid and straw.

  1. Twin Pocket Supply Pouch


Here is another product featuring our Free 24 Hour Rush Service! This accessory bag features a 2-zippered pocket design and is great for organizing stationery items for the home or office. This pouch is a perfect giveaway at schools, universities and stores.

  1. Custom Embossed Wristbands 3/4″


Wristbands have been an integral part of awareness campaigns for decades. The wristband featured here comes with FREE Shipping and FREE Set-Up! Gain fabulous savings by going for hundreds of these bands. Get your message embossed on them and choose from adult or youth sizes. They are great to wear and look at!

We hope you successfully use National Blood Donor Month to your marketing advantage. Pick one or more of these products and get in touch with us to personalize them. All the best!

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