Understanding PPAI’s #GetInTouch Campaign

Over the years, PPAI has played a stellar role in highlighting the importance of promotional product marketing for businesses. The historic organization’s extensive range of sales-based research and tools has helped industry members scale newer heights with every passing year!

So what’s #GetInTouch all about?

#GetInTouch is a 5-year ambitious initiative that aims to target new advertisers and help them recognize the potential of promotional products as a potent marketing medium. The goal is to attract more marketing dollars to the industry.

This will be achieved through a variety of well-planned and extensive marketing efforts.

Whose idea is #GetInTouch?

The initiative was conceived by the PPAI Chairman’s Roundtable work group. It took a year of brainstorming by PPAI staff and volunteer groups with valuable input from members of PPAI Board of Directors, PPAI Industry Branding Initiative Advisory Group, and PPAI Public Relations Advisory Group.

Why is #GetInTouch important?

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of promotional items as potent marketing tools. It’s important to ensure new advertisers switch to this mode of advertising from traditional and digital ones.

There is a need to inform them about how well promotional products work as tangible and highly visible representatives of your brand.

How does the #GetInTouch campaign work?

The campaign deploys a variety of marketing tactics to rightly position giveaways as ideal and irresistible advertising tools. PPAI staff is using research and creativity-based tools to highlight the effectiveness of this economical yet effective channel to reach out to prospective audiences.

Social media and walk-in events will be used extensively to spread the message.

How can you contribute?

Visit this link for a detailed look at this campaign. The downloadables available on the site include a Social Media toolkit, collateral for print ads, logos & graphics, and research videos. Use this opportunity to help the promotional product industry reach a wider audience.

We hope you found this article informative! Join the #GetInTouch campaign and do your bit to promote the usage of giveaways. Contact us if you need exciting promotional items to highlight your brand. We have a range of giveaways at attractive price points to give your marketing efforts a big boost!

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