Popular Holidays and Observances in USA July 2017

July is all about enjoying the warm weather, beaches and great outdoors! And with it comes a host of holidays and observances that serve as perfect opportunities for brands to celebrate, raise awareness and give back! The infographic below highlights important observances coming up in July. Use it to plan your marketing initiatives and make your campaigns a great success!


  1. Social Wellness Month– Celebrate Social Wellness Month by gifting the Light Up Fidget Spinner, a hugely popular gadget!


  1. UV Safety Month– Use the stylish Julius Sunglasses to protect recipients from harmful UV rays!
  2. National Grilling Month – Hand out BBQ Sets as a token of appreciation to your employees or valued clients and win their goodwill!


  1. Freedom Week– Increase the impact of your marketing efforts in a patriotic way with Rectangle Cookies!


  1. Therapeutic Recreation Week– Raise awareness about the importance of recreation while promoting your brand with these Stadium Blankets.
  2. National Postal Workers Day– Express your gratitude to those men and women who work diligently to deliver our mails and packages with Rectangle Cookies.


  1. Independence Day– Show your patriotic side by handing out Soldier Mad Cap Stress Relievers at trade shows, conferences or offices.



  1. National Lollipop Day– Distributing Lollipop with Round Labels to your customers during this day will serve as a sweet reminder of your brand!

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