Top 5 Popular Promotional Products of 2018

Top 5 Popular Promotional Products of 2018

Studies show that 82% of people who received a promotional product had a favorable impression of the brand. However, to ensure maximum impact, you have to offer useful and unique promotional products that will resonate with the target audience. Opt for promotional products that are proven marketing winners to create a memorable brand experience for your customers.

Here’s a list of five popular promotional products you could use to strike a chord with your customers and increase your brand’s visibility.

Power Banks

Power banks are promo items that will literally charge up your marketing efforts! They are popular giveaways, thanks to their functionality and capacity to provide high power while traveling.

UL Listed Sling Power Bank Sleek Aluminum Power Bank

Our Recommendations: UL listed sling power bank and Sleek aluminum power bank

Fitness Trackers

Whether it’s as a wristwatch or a clip-on, fitness trackers are fast becoming an increasingly popular gifting choice. By promoting a healthy lifestyle, your business will earn the goodwill of employees and customers.

Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet Wrist Pedometer

Our Recommendations: Bluetooth fitness bracelet and Wrist pedometer

Tote Bags

The tote bag is one of the most sought-after promotional gifts due to its usefulness and longevity. With ever-increasing concerns about plastic waste in the environment, totes are set to get even more popular.

Tote bags are versatile, practical and capable of gaining hundreds of impressions whenever and wherever they are used. Count on customers turning into your own walking billboards when they use your totes!

Histen Tote Bag Atlas Nonwoven Grocery Tote


Our Recommendations: Histen tote bag and Atlas non-woven tote bag

Yoga Mats

There are 36 million yoga practitioners in the United States – this number is expected to rise to 55.5 million by 2020. This is where yoga mats can come in handy as powerful marketing tools. They are a unique way to promote your brand and are likely to be used repeatedly.

A major advantage is that they offer a large imprint area to display your logo. Imagine the difference it would make when it comes to brand exposure.

2-in-1 Charging Cables

2-in-1 charging cables are practical and multifunctional. They can be used to charge any smartphone or tablet and will serve as a handy giveaway.

2-in-1 Braided Charging Cable - Blue

Jolt Premium Power Kit

Our Recommendations: Techno collection and Jolt premium power kit

All the above-mentioned products are items that your target audience will find useful both in the moment and months afterward. If you are looking for popular promotional products that will increase your brand’s recall value, get in touch with us and make your business stand out.