10 Useful Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Brand

The 2017 holiday shopping season (from November 1 to December 24) was a massive success for retailers with Americans spending in buckets to ensure the best sales figures since 2011. USA’s year-end holiday retail sales figures for 2017 climbed at 4.9% compared to the previous year. Similarly, online retail sales figures rose at a whopping 18.1%. These stats indicate the massive connect holidays such as Christmas have with traditional American buyers.

Keeping these stats in mind, it’s important to add a marketing sparkle to win the attention of customers and employees during Christmas this year. The following Christmas marketing ideas will ensure that your business is on the right path this year!

1. Add a bit of Christmas festive flair to your branding

Update your website, blog, social media profiles, and printed collaterals to incorporate design elements that are usually associated with Christmas. The updates can be to the logo or headers used on your online material. Make these designs appear prominently so that people identify quickly with your marketing efforts.

2. Reward followers on Social Media with contests and prizes

Your social media profiles require the most attention during Christmas. Create contests aimed at faithful followers and highlight rewards that can be of importance to them. Launch a contest theme that will strike a chord with followers. For example, you could ask them to share fond Christmas memories from the past – give away a prize for the best photographs!

3. Launch Christmas-themed offers and discounts

Make sure you have Christmas-themed goodies available for your customers. This will give them an extra reason to shop at your store. Also, make sure that the offers and discounts last for a couple of days at least so that more customers are able to avail of them.

4. Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Christmas is the perfect time to launch an email campaign. Highlight the special offers and discounts mentioned above in a well-crafted email so that people know what to expect this Christmas.

5. Launch online ads that show a sense of urgency

Google AdWords allow you to add countdowns to your online ads and Christmas is the perfect time for it. The countdown can be used to highlight a Christmas limited-time offer, discount or sale. Such online ads will encourage shoppers to make a call-to-action at the earliest, giving your brand quality sales during the Christmas season.

6. Organize a local charity drive

Since Christmas is the season for giving, you should also give back something to the local community. Launch a social initiative that targets a specific cause dear to the locals. You could sell food, clothing or products during the drive and donate a % of the proceedings to the cause.

7. Organize a Christmas Breakfast or Lunch

Organizing a Christmas breakfast or lunch at the local retirement or children’s home will ensure that your brand gains a lot of goodwill. Announce your endeavor in advance so that other people and businesses in the community can contribute in their own special way to the cause.

8. Join hands with other small businesses

It’s a good idea to join hands with a small business in your area to promote each other. Make sure that the small business is not a direct competitor – it should have products or services that complement your offerings. Cross-promoting each other will ensure that more people sit up and notice your brand!

9. Send out printed Holiday Cards

We live in the era of emails and online greetings. But nothing beats the impact of receiving a traditional holiday card printed of paper. Surprise clients and employees with greeting cards that will be delivered to their doorsteps!

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10. Distribute holiday-themed giveaways

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We hope this Christmas brings a lot of joy for your brand! Contact us for more marketing or giveaways ideas and we will gladly be of help.

We wish you and your brand early and joyful Christmas wishes!