Successful Client Promotion Case Studies: Using Promo Products to Grow a Business (Part – 3)

Promo Products Case Studies

Promo products are cost-effective marketing tools and have been highly preferred by small companies to big enterprises. Many businesses recognize the importance of promotional products to enhance brand awareness, reach their target audience, and boost sales.

This 4 part series covers client promotion campaigns that implemented promo items to improve their marketing campaign’s success rate.

Part 3 of the series consists of 4 case studies that fall under Consumer programs, Distributor/Supplier Collaboration programs, and Employee Wellness programs.

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Let’s quickly go through the case studies.

1) Consumer Programs 

#Case Study 1 

Client: An organization that supplies adhesive technologies to a wide range of sectors.

Target Audience: 3000 families looking for back-to-school items.

Primary Objective: The primary goal was to turn the stores into back-to-school destinations and promote the client’s products.

Overall Cost: $20,325

Strategy & Execution: The distributor collaborated with the marketing team and introduced merchandise ideas to complement their planned activities. Environmentally-friendly sandwich wrappers and promo cards were selected. The client also arranged for ice-cream trucks, offering free ice creams along with logoed ice cream sleeves. The idea was to create a lot of brand exposure and boost sales.

Results: The campaign successfully engaged more than 8,000 people. The stores also witnessed a 17% increase in sales.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) Folding Can Cooler Sleeve

2) BIC® Full-Color Business Card Magnet

3) Bic® Clic Stic Pens

4) Carmel Jotter Notepad with Pen

#Case Study 2

Client: Alterations and sewing brand.

Target Audience: 

  • People residing in low-population towns.
  • People who needed a seamstress to alter, repair and sew various kinds of items.

Primary Objective:

  • To have an alteration and sewing business with a consistent customer base and reach $3,500 in 12 months.
  • Since locals in remote towns reuse items instead of buying new ones, the main objective was to start a sewing business in the community.

Overall Cost: $673.75

Strategy And Execution: A postcard was mailed to 318 households, and pens that featured a textile-type barrel were ordered. Each customer that came to pick up their completed alteration, was gifted with a pen.

The customers had a positive response to the pen, and almost all of them could relate the textile coated barrel with the brand. The pens were also distributed to other businesses in the area.

The mailed postcards had the image of the seamstress in the back and UV coating in the front. Customers were requested to pass the card to their families and friends. 

Results: Within ten months, the company took over 206 alteration jobs and earned $3,564.15. Customers were also asked how they heard about the company. 32 people said they were referred by someone, 42 were attracted to the pen and enquired about the business, 102 heard of the company because of the postcard.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) Antibacterial Satin Pen

2) Storm Pen

3) Glow In The Dark Business Card Magnet

4) Large Boat Tote

2) Distributor/Supplier Collaboration Programs 

#Case Study 3

Type Of Client: Asset disposition & liquidation consultants

Target Audience: 22 professionals from upper management.

Primary Objective: The client wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the successful liquidation of a national retail brand. Since the liquidation surpassed the expectation and goals, the client requested an award tombstone. The branding guidelines outlined by the managing director needed to be taken into consideration.

Overall Cost: $2,912 

Strategy & Execution: The distributor knew the client well as they had worked on previous projects. A classy-looking rectangular tombstone was considered, and the client planned to gift them to the upper management staff. It was created using three acrylic pieces. The company’s logo and the liquidation amount were imprinted with bold colors. It had a unique design that perfectly captured the client’s brand. 

Results: The upper management was extremely pleased with the final result, and each one of them had the tombstone award placed in either their home or office. 

Similar Product Recommendations: 

1) Enterprise Octagon Award

2) Culmination Glass Award

3) Large Dichroic Achievement Award

4) Dublin Art Glass Award

3) Employee Wellness Program

#Case Study 4 

Client: A fortune 500 company. 

Target Audience: 400 employees that include warehouse, office, and upper management staff.

Primary Objective: The client wanted to promote their wellness program and encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Overall Cost: $4,500

Strategy & Execution: The client had a robust employee wellness program. They wanted to develop a campaign that would encourage their employees to prioritize nutrition, mindfulness, environmental security, and overall health. The idea was to have a better and stronger organization with employees who were mentally and physically fit. The promotion was aimed at reinforcing well-being by providing items that are functional, durable, and visible. Products like a fitness bag, cutting board, salad boxes, awareness bracelets were chosen as giveaways.

Results: Many employees were impressed by the giveaways and started leading a healthy lifestyle. The products served as a constant reminder for well-being, and the company noticed an improvement in terms of employee retention and sales.

Similar Product Recommendations:

1) Printed Wristbands 3/4″

2) Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack

3) Yoga Fitness Tote

4) 20 oz Fitness Shaker

5) Salad To Go 

We hope you found some noteworthy insights from this article. Stay tuned for part 4 of the series, where we will cover some more client promotion case studies. If you want some more promo product recommendations, then feel free to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you!