5 Networking Tips to Boost your Sales

5 Networking Tips to Boost your Sales

The success of a company depends on the dependability of its customers and the sales they enable. As long as they enjoy a beneficial relationship with a company, acquiring useful services and products at good prices, customers will want to stay within that arrangement until they find a better relationship—say, with your competitor.

So, how do you acquire dependable customers?

The answer lies in networking.

And not just at quantitative networking, wherein the number of potential leads is the bottom line.

We are referring to qualitative networking, wherein the dynamic between each customer and business is cultivated to form lasting relationships. We refer to the dependable type of networking where customers are impressed with not only your level of competence, social proof, and technical content but your sensitivity to their suggestions and complaints.

Here, we summarize 5 tips you can use to build a dependable customer base out of new people:

#1 Build Social Proof by Networking Across Multiple Platforms

Nowadays, companies are always looking to diversify their channels in the online world. Just like in the old days, when diversifying with a new office/branch in the bustling quarter of a big town as proof of reliability and success, the digital mode functions the same way. Use as many platforms as you can afford time for, be it email, Instagram reels, Zoom meetings, or the ever-necessary Google My Business.

People can be reached in many ways, and the benefit is that these platforms have a lot of opportunities for user-generated content (UGC) like customer reviews and social media posts. UGC spreads to other people on social networks and builds the vista of reliability for your brand. And it gives you the opportunity to engage with customers and solve their problems.

#2 Use Natural Language Processing Tools to Get Engagement

Networking to the wrong people can always have disappointing results. You invest the time into cultivating a lead, but lose them because you didn’t recognize that their customer profile didn’t fit a certain requirement. So, you have to use the data to find which people are more likely to take to your efforts of networking. You need to know when and if they are interested in your brand’s niche.

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, you can detect when certain keywords related to your brand are being mentioned off the social media chatter. Use these opportunities to solve their product complaints, share their UGC on your feed, or even to make a well-timed joke at your own expense. On social media, the potential for spreading brand awareness is quite encouraging, because the ambience tends to be informal and friendly.

#3 Harvest Customer Referral Systems

When you embed your marketing email, online shops, and products with options for your customers to recommend you to their friends, it makes a noticeable difference in your bottom-line. This method costs a little and is primarily driven by the quality of your products and your online presence which, if great, will nudge customers to recommend you. Because people tend to want to share things that enrich their daily lives.

#4 Wisely Use Networking Events in the Area or Online

Whatever industry you are, there is sure to be a calendar of trade show events, seminars, and webinars related to it. These events have ideal conditions for business cards and ideas to be exchanged, and for sales-related conversations to naturally emerge from it. Get your best salesmen and marketers to attend, where they can hold these conversations with a practiced artfulness developed over the years.

Salesmen who know how to balance the conversation between both parties don’t come across as pushy. They will sense when the other person has given them “permission” to be marketed to. If they’re wearing a logo-imprinted polo shirt of your brand, it could even act as a conversation starter.

#5 Set up a Public Stall and Give out Promo Products

You can also register and set up a stall/booth at any of these trade shows. Use retractable banner stands printed with your company logo and product pictures. Enable your employees to walk around with company swag items there will also improve brand recall.

You also can do this away from a trade show. Giving away promo products to customers and their friends creates more social proof of your brand’s usefulness and reliability. Consider setting up a promotional event at the local theatre or mall, especially on a common festival day. Talk to people, hold contests, and give away useful promo products as prizes. If you want more ideas on this type of networking medium, contact a well-established promo company like Promo Direct.