re-Green Contest WINNER!!!

On asking RV Harbor about how do they feel after winning the prize, this is what they wrote:

“RV Harbor is thrilled to have won the Promo Direct re-Green Contest.? Our entire staff worked together to come up with the ideas to submit, and we are all glad that we were chosen from the 52 participants.? We really do hope that we inspire other companies to try out at least one or two of the ideas.? Every little bit helps when it comes to our environment, and it is easier than people think to make a difference at the workplace.? Our thanks to Promo Direct for hosting a contest that focuses on being ¡°Green¡± at the office.? We also thank Promo Direct for having some great products that are recycled, organic, and biodegradable.? We have actually ordered the tote bags that Promo Direct offers to give to new customers and to help spread the word about being environmentally friendly.? The prize of these pens will be an excellent addition to the tote bag we give away and we are proud to have tried our best to make a difference. Thanks again to Promo Direct!

We would like to congratulate RV Harbor for their efforts and the idea they submitted in our re-Green contest. The contest received lots of responses, and fast became a buzz word in the promo product industry. There were some brilliant suggestions from you guys! Our panel of judges considered all of them and then narrowed down to a list of two finalists.? The winner was finally selected by the entire team after several deliberations.

Thank you for your participation!


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