Facebook launches new ¡®Send¡¯ button

Facebook has once again delighted its users with yet another feature. Last year Oct, Facebook had introduced ¡°Groups¡± button. It has already led to more than 50 million groups. Austin Haugen, the honored Product Manager for Facebook, has renovated this giant social – network, with a new ¡°Send¡± button, on Monday the 25th of April 2011.

Wow! What¡¯s this about?

We are familiar with the ¡°like¡± button which shows up on websites that features Facebook incorporation right? The Send button will neighbor it.

By clicking on the Send button you will see a pop-up that will allow you to send the Page, or an article or may be just a link, only to those you choose.
This way you secure you sharing only to the selected individuals unlike the traditional share button, as not all things we share are relevant to everyone we know on Facebook.
Nevertheless, The Wall Street Journal, People.com and Orbitz, The Washington Post, and about 50+ sites have already incorporated the ¡°Send¡± button on their website.
Seems like the ¡°Send¡± button is going to be as widespread as the Like button.

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