Questions to keep in mind when designing a logo

In large looming corporate world where changes take place at lightning speed, have you ever wondered which single strategy could get you noticed and create a long lasting memory for your potential clients?

The answer is likely to be ¡°advertising¡± for most of us. However, when you ask an advertiser, his answer is most likely to be your logo. They say that ¡°an image speaks a thousand words¡±. Come to the world of brand building, marketing and advertisements and this quote fits just perfectly.So, what is it that lets an image represent an entire company effectively? Check this list to know those essential dos:
The business of the firm: A logo defines your company to your potential and existing clients. So it is essential that the symbol you choose defines the business you deal in. For instance if you are a dealer in promotional products you can have a logo composed of several images of promotional items with your firms name on it.
Colors: The colors that go into your logo will make it standout. It will also define your company to the clients. The colors you choose for your brand are should be correlative to your business venture. A case in the point is the association of the color red with anger, danger and even excitement. If you are into sales of items related to this concept, red makes for a good color choice. Another point to consider in selecting a color is the number of colors to be used in a logo. Using many colors can make your image look chaotic.
The competitors¡¯ logos: While this does not directly reflect the selection of your logo, thoughts about your competitions logo ensures that you do not create a mirror image of their design. Besides, it also ensures that you cash in on the errors in competitors logo by eliminating the same in your own.
Reason for the design: You need to keep in mind the reason you are designing the logo. Are you merely revamping an outdated image? Do you have to build a new brand image? Are you creating a logo for an old company? These questions will give you a direction in designing your logo.
Brainstorming: While it is a little surprising that the brainstorming is fourth in the list, a session of ¡°throwing ideas¡± by your employees at this stage will give you a perspective that you might have overlooked. Ensure that you share ideas that you have come to in the past stages for you will get give you a helpful reviews on it. With these reflections and considerations, you are well equipped to create a logo that will make a good printing option on your company stationary, promo items, business gifts or corporate gifts. To view a large variety of promotional giveaways for your brand promotion and to enjoy low price and discounts please visit our website at
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