InterBrand report declares the top 100 global brands in 2010

Brands galore! When we have 1.5 million non profit organizations registered world wide, we seriously think they should carve their niche by making their presence felt in the appropriate way. Interbrand helps the non-profit foundations create and manage their brand value. This entire initiative is done on a partially funded basis. We believe in giving good which helps the society benefit in successful way and we find ourselves previledged enough to add our bit to the goodness.

Interbrand has come up with the BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2010. The initiative has been successfully handled by Interbrand and they offer us 2010 year¡¯s top 100 brands. Let¡¯s have a sneak peak at the top 10:


Coca-Cola -Its brand promise of fun, freedom, spirit and refreshment resonates the world over and it excels at keeping the brand fresh and always evolving ¨C all this, while also maintaining the nostalgia that reinforces customers¡¯ deep connection to the brand. It has adapted quickly to social media, with 11 million fans on Facebook and 96,385 followers on Twitter as of August 2010.Coca-Cola does everything right!

IBM – IBM made 108 strategic acquisitions over the past nine years to strengthen its portfolio and continue its seamless evolution from hardware to service to knowledge economy to innovation. Today, IBM helps clients achieve flexibility and competitive advantage to succeed in the networked economy. This year, IBM displayed its innovation through a host of social media initiatives, which you can read more about in our brand strength component section on page

Microsoft -Microsoft maintains its position as the number one operating system on the market. This year, it proved it is still capable of innovation with the introduction of its Xbox Kinect, which uses original technology. With the global recession, Microsoft saw its first drop in annual revenue ¨C a three percent decrease from US $60.4 billion in fiscal 2008 to US $58.4 billion in fiscal 2009.

Google– As Google continues its upward path, it increasingly finds it difficult to reconcile its brand promise, ¡°Don¡¯t be evil,¡± with the realities of a powerful global brand. Google¡¯s reach and record for innovation is undisputed. Expect the brand to continue to diversify and expand, even as it experiences increasing backlash.

GE -GE continues its two-year decline in brand value. Whereas last year it was the ongoing problems at its consumer finance division that plagued the brand, this year it is GE¡¯s lack of focus as it moves from eco imagination to its healthy imagination initiative.

McDonald’s-McDonald¡¯s remains globally versatile, approachable, value-driven and reliable in a year when Burger King fell off the table. Already a strong brand with deep roots, the recession reminded people once again of its great value. McDonald¡¯s seized the opportunity to capture a new audience and drive sales even further by upgrading its coffee to make it more premium and introducing healthier menu options ¨C a move that should help it in the long-term.

Intel – Intel stayed the course, committing billions of dollars to new and updated manufacturing facilities, which accelerated the rollout of new processors. The brand itself has been on a kick, simplifying things to help consumers navigate, but now must balance the strength of its heritage as a PC-centric firm with the clear need to become a brand for the future of computing, where branding products like i-phones, TVs, cars and everything else are themselves smart.

Nokia -Nokia has been perceived as a company that is committed to enhancing of communications by offering affordable, accessible, functional and creative mobile phone devices and applications. The brand was late in coming to market with a compelling product and it is in this new category that growth, relevance and emotional connection with the brand is built.

Disney -Disney again leveraged its history of quality, family-fun experiences through clean, well-managed parks and kid-oriented movies and merchandise. This year, the youth-oriented brand continued to cultivate a strong social media presence, and announced that it would be rebranding its stores to make them more theme-park-like and multisensory.

Hewlett-Packard -HP continues to expand its product portfolio since the acquisition of EDS in 2008 expanded the HP brand into the services category. The company is working to unify all businesses under one HP brand platform: ¡°Let¡¯s Do Amazing.¡± The recent launch of the brand campaign aims to highlight the breadth of the portfolio and infuse consistency across segments.

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