Promotional Sunscreen: Your Brand Can Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The beaches, parks, trails, and other nature spots in the U.S. might be in for one rollicking summer.

The last year of pandemic restrictions has left citizens cooped up within their walls, and they will now want to transform their sedentary lifestyles into one long, liberating session under the sun.

What does this mean for brands?

Brands can target their consumers where it will matter most in the coming months of May, June, and July: the outdoors.

The September 2020 National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) report revealed that 3 in 5 Americans visited a park, trail, or recreational facility in the first 3 months of the pandemic. That number is not set to decrease anytime soon given that further pandemic restrictions through 2020-21 have only made people more eager for outdoor activity. The new COVID-19 vaccines will ensure a systematic exodus to the outdoors soon enough.

Crowded spots ensure the generation of mindshare on a large scale.

Brands would do well to take note.

The Necessity of Sun Protection

When people gather in outdoor spaces, they are putting themselves under the bombardment of the sun’s entire wavelength, which unfortunately entails a moderate intensity of UV-A and UV-B rays. These ultraviolet light rays are the primary causes of melanoma as well as non-melanoma cancers involving basal and squamous cells.

To mitigate this, the National Council of Skin Cancer Prevention (NCSCP) has allocated an annual National Sunscreen Day to spread awareness of the necessity of wearing sunscreen in outdoor areas—especially in summer. Brands that want to make a social impact can harness the health value of sunscreen. Distributing sunscreen giveaways as a type of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy shows people that your brand cares for the public’s health.

Types of Sunscreen Promotional Giveaways

For 2021, National Sunscreen Day will come on the 28th of May. Once brands are done giving away outdoor gear and fitness products as gifts to bolster their target audience’s physical needs, they can target this common need to wear sunscreen.

Brands choosing to go this route need to understand certain common features of sun protection products.

Broad Spectrum: This refers to sunscreen lotions, wipes, and sprays that protect against both major ultraviolet radiations—UV-A light ray radiation and UV-B rays. UV-A light rays are more intense and penetrate deeper into the skin’s cells than UV-B light can. Brands should try to give away this type of product as much as they can afford due to its superior potency at preventing skin cancers and ageing effects.

Broad Spectrum

Sunscreen Stick: This refers to the sun protection products designed for the convenient method of application by a solid stick—just like certain deodorant and lip balm products. These products last longer and, therefore, can garner brand recall through a longer timeframe. They will be seen in handbags, schoolbags, cars, and in homes.

Sunscreen Stick

Sunscreen Spray: This refers to the sun protection products also designed for a convenient method of application—by spraying a liquid layer of sunscreen on your face and hands. These products last an intermediate amount of time.

Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen Packets and Wipes: This refers to single-use sunscreen packets that your brand can distribute in bulk during large outdoor events. Instead of generating brand mindshare from a sunscreen product percolating in public for a longer period, these brand messaging mediums make a quick impression in a manageable, smaller period.

Sunscreen Lotion Bottle: This refers to the traditional packaging of sunscreen semi-solid lotions in flip-top bottles or squeeze tubes. These products also last relatively longer than sprays and packets, so can have more potential for brand awareness.

How to Target Common Needs With Promotional Sunscreen

This summer, sunscreen products will minimize sun exposure and maximize brand exposure. But, how does a brand tap into its potential? As they spend their merry days in the sun, you can target your audience in several ways.

  • Sports Events & Concerts: : There will be an explosion of sports events and concerts in colleges, schools, and stadiums all over the country once the vaccine works its effects on the population. Take this opportunity to distribute the aforementioned sunscreen packets, which will spread like wildfire among the spectators who forgot to bring their own sunscreen, or those who forgot to bring resupplies. Brand messaging, artwork, and logos will pass a large number of eyes.
  • Clubs, Colleges, & Local Teams: You can get in touch with local sports teams and colleges so that you can provide their athletes sunscreen at local games. This magnifies your reach during highly-publicized sports events. It is the other side of the above point. Further, people in clubs will also have a need for sunscreen, especially around the pool area.
  • Beaches: There will be a steady influx of beachgoers in the summer and your brand can set up stalls on the beach to reach your target audience. You could use festivals, holidays, and even Sunscreen Day to create multiple brand impressions in the microcosm of the crowd.
  • Shopping Areas & Malls: While most of these public zones will be indoors, they keep getting a steady influx of shoppers and loungers, many of whom will require a resupply of sunscreen at some point in the summer.

As long as you target a common need like sun protection, people will find reasons to engage with your brand. And you can target your particular style of brand messaging at these people to gain a positive and socially responsible image in the geographical vicinity. For more ideas on how to use sunscreen giveaways to fortify your brand’s foothold in North America, contact an experienced promo company like Promo Direct. We have taken a sufficient number of orders themed around this social phenomenon.