Promotional Candies & Other Food Items

Promotional CandiesHere is a sweet technique to promote your brand, literally very sweet. Promotional candies, chocolates and other sweet items are ideal corporate gifts for almost every target audience.Who wouldn¡¯t like receiving chocolates or candies as gifts, right?Promotional sweets qualify for various occasions or events such as corporate parties, business get-togethers, product launches, anniversaries, conferences or meetings, etc. Instead of serving desserts or maybe after dessert, why not distribute handful of candies wrapped with your company¡¯s logo on it? Promo Direct offers you not only sweets but really tasty ones indeed, so that your guests could look forward to the end of their meals.We have an exclusive range of jelly beans, mints, lollipops, chocolate almonds, cookies, toffees, etc. All you have to do is imprint your company artwork and any desired message on the wrapper or a classy wooden box to impress potential customers, colleagues or even competitors.

You can opt for inexpensive skittles treat packet at the cost as low as $.33 each or probably mints at $1 each, for ordinary occasions. For special occasions or exclusive festivals, we have assortments of gourmet cookies, jumbo cashews and other specialty items to establish that unforgettable impression on to-be-customers or other loved ones.

We suggest you not to underestimate the power of these personalized business products in building your brand¡¯s goodwill or reputation. From special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine¡¯s Day to simple ones like anniversaries or other celebrations; these sweets are perfect to distribute practically any time of the year.

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So why wait?

Have a SWEET day! 🙂

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