Ideal gift for women: Sliding mirror with light

Promotional Sliding MirrorIf your target group comprises of only women and if you were supposed to give away advertising merchandise to them, the first idea that would come to your mind would be cosmetics or maybe something that could land up in their bags or purses, right? Marketing your company by opting for something that favorably appeals to your target audience is indeed a smart choice.

You can find various promotional novelties for women on our website but now we are presenting one of our most esteemed products: a sliding mirror with light, which can be customized accordingly by imprinting your company artworks. The cool sliding feature embarks a pleasant impact on users and that is not all, the light turns on when the case is slid to open. Way to impress the ladies, right!

This trendy pocket-sized mirror is also available in four different colors such as metallic blue, metallic gold, metallic red and metallic silver to match your preferences. Just imprint your company logo with a creatively targeted message and spread your brand¡¯s charm amongst them. Such exclusive marketing materials are usually expensive but this sliding mirror with light can be purchased at the cost as low as $2.69.

Ladies are known to use such mirrors multiple times during the day. Grab this opportunity and enhance your brand recognition or recall by staying in their purses for a long time.

So why wait? Place your order today!
A customer care executive will review your order and contact you to confirm before your order goes into production.

Good luck impressing the ladies!

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