Promote Safety with Customers & Employees with these COVID-19 PPE Items

With the outbreak of COVID-19, staying safe and healthy remains the number one focus. We have to accept this new normal and use items that will offer protection from this virus. At Promo Direct, we have put together some PPE and safety items that will promote protection from the virus.

#1 – TouchScreen Tool – To Minimise Exposure to Germs And Use on Touch Screens

The promotional Touchless Tool with Stylus keeps your hands from touching common public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs. Use this tool to avoid direct contact with door handles, elevators in public areas.  What’s more, it comes with a built-in soft-touch stylus that can be used on-screen displays while the hook is perfect to hold doors, all with your custom logo. Your recipients can use this tool to push buttons on an ATM and other screen touch devices.The Touchless Tool with Stylus will surely leave an impression on your target audience!

#2 – Gel Hand Sanitizer Bottle – Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer To Kill Germs On The Go

The 2oz Moisture Bead Sanitizer with your full-color logo will garner the attention your brand deserves. This FDA approved antibacterial gel is great to use when traveling. It comes with 62% Ethyl alcohol to keep your hands germ free. It also has Aloe & vitamin E moisturizing beads with a citrus scent. The small size makes it extremely handy and convenient for recipients to use. This Moisture Bead Sanitizer will surely profit your marketing efforts!

#3 – Protective Face Shield – To Offer Extra Protection With Full Face Coverage

The Protective Face Shield Clear has high utility and will give your recipients the protection they are looking for! This face shield is made of tough multilayered plastic and covers the entire face side-to-side, below the chin, and fits over eyeglasses as well. It is reusable and easy to clean. It also offers superior comfort thanks to its soft foam forehead pad. It comes with an adjustable elastic band for a secure fit for all sizes. The best part is that it eliminates annoying eyewear fogging & enables easy breathing.

#4 – Strip Plus Bandage Dispenser – To Keep A Check On Temperature

The Strip Plus Bandage Dispenser will be a handy item for your recipients. This kit comes with one reusable forehead thermometer strip & 5 bandages in a slim plastic case. What’s more, it comes with a liquid crystal display that quickly shows the core temperature in 15 seconds. Promote healing & prevention while sharing your brand message on this case. The Strip Plus Bandage Dispenser is a perfect giveaway for your employees and will surely elevate your brand name!

#4 – Pump Hand Sanitizer – To Give Your Recipients Maximum Protection

The Oz Pump Hand Sanitizer with your custom logo is a great investment for your brand’s marketing campaign. A generous 8.5 oz is great for large scale use. The  Logo Printed  Oz Pump Hand Sanitizer features a pump-action lid for convenience. It comes with 62% Ethyl alcohol to offer excellent protection from germs. This 8.5 oz Gel hand sanitizer will come handy at office spaces. What’s more, is it comes with Vitamin E and is Aloe scented too.

Are you looking for ideas to promote safety in your office or more ways to protect your recipients? We will help you make the right choice. Promo Direct has the biggest collection of reusable face masks, hand sanitizers, and face shields. We help you make the best choice with our simplified process.