5 Tips to Ensure Efficient Project Management

A lot of projects run behind schedule, leaving behind a trail of anger, frustration, and dissatisfied clients. It’s a fact that most companies have projects that are led by inexperienced managers. They struggle to manage a team – it’s a routine that goes on every single day of the project.

This article aims to make life easier for Project Managers. The goal is to run through the core basics to ensure projects are managed and run more efficiently.

#1 Rely on a comprehensive Project Plan to drive the project forward

A project needs immaculate planning to make it a success. You will have to create a document that captures the following:

  • Detailed analysis of the client’s requirements
  • The desired outcome of the project
  • Technology requirements
  • Set of milestones and the dates to achieve them
  • Team members and their responsibilities

Capture these details in their entirety and you will launch your project on a good note.

#2 Strictly implement the Project Plan!

Here is where some managers falter. They fail to manage projects based on pre-decided plans. Instead, they allow external factors to dictate things. This has a negative impact on project flow, allowing milestones to be delayed, leaving clients fuming.

What prevents managers from sticking thoroughly to project plans? How do you intend to stick to plans? The first step is share the plan with the client and team members so that everybody is on the same page. The second step is to make sure the client is informed about even the slightest delays in project execution. This ensures transparency and the client will have more faith in you. Edit the project plan to take external factors into consideration – this ensures things go smoothly and according to plan.

#3 Have one-on-one meetings with each team member

Make sure every team member is aware of his/her responsibilities. Give them an opportunity to express their concerns so that they work stress-free on your project. One-on-one meetings are essential – hold them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Evaluate each employee’s performance – get rid of non-performing employees and bring in replacements if necessary.

#4 Be transparent with the client

Most clients want you to be honest about the project’s developments. Don’t hide anything from them – focus on being transparent at all stages of the project.

Provide them with weekly reports to highlight developments, hurdles, and other updates you will come across!

#5 Perform evaluation compulsorily during and after the project

Monitor the project’s progress and understand whether it is moving according to plan. This gives you an opportunity to take remedial steps if required so that loose ends can be set in order.

I hope you found this article useful. Share your thoughts and feedback on Project Management by adding your comments below. You can also explore our range of business gifts to highlight your brand in a big way.