Preparing for 2020 Promotions With The Variety Of Calendars At Promo Direct

Promotional Calendars 2020

Promo Direct is home to some of the best calendars found online. With 2020 fast approaching, it’s important that you get acquainted with the hundreds of calendars available in our inventory. To begin with, we have 5 calendar categories featuring promotional calendars that can be used on the surface of your choice.

Each of these categories provides unique functionality but have one thing in common – all of the calendars featured in these categories are capable of providing visibility that lasts 365 days and beyond!

Let’s now look at these categories in detail.

1. Wall Calendars

In most homes, the New Year begins with the unfurling of a new wall calendar. These calendars feature blocks of numbers and days with spaces ready to be filled with useful reminders. As months pass by, these calendars were marked with smileys, important milestones and everything else that can be scribbled on paper. These wall calendars quickly became an integral part of homes. And the best part is that most families don’t get rid of old wall calendars, providing visibility that lasts years.

Recommended Buys: Landscapes of America Calendar, Motivations Appointment Calendar, and National Day Calendar

2. Desk Calendars

Most desk calendars are visual masterpieces that can inspire people at homes and offices. Occupying a cozy spot on your recipients’ desk, these calendars can do a fine job of reminding people about your brand. A lot of people rely on desk calendars to conveniently track appointments and stay on top of bills. They are compact, easy to distribute and don’t occupy much space on desks.

Recommended Buys: Legacy Desk Calendar, House Shape Desk Calendar, and American Splendor Desk Calendar

3. Stick-Up & Magnetic Calendars

Our Stick-Up & Magnetic calendars are available in a choice of styles to suit your branding efforts. They can be attached to fridges, cabinets and other magnetic surfaces with ease.

Recommended Buys: Bic® Calendar Magnet, Full Color Stick Up Calendar and Bic® Business Card Magnet with Calendar

4. Weekly & Monthly Planners

Our range of Weekly & Monthly Planners can do a wonderful job of keeping recipients organized and on top of their tasks. These planners are easy to carry and are available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Recommended Buys: Adult Coloring Book Planner – Academic, Handy Monthly Pocket Planner and Ruled Weekly Planner

5. Calendar Greeting Cards

Calendar Greeting Cards are compact and fits in most pockets. They can be a part of your direct mailer campaigns. These cards will do a great job of keeping your brand closer to recipients.

Recommended Buy4-Color Wallet Card Calendar

We recommend that you place an order immediately for these calendars. Be among the first to launch calendar-themed marketing campaigns. This will help your brand start 2020 with a huge marketing bang. Get in touch with us if you need more marketing tips or ideas for promotional items.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.