12 Economical Stress Relievers To Launch A Fun Marketing Campaign

Promotional Stress Relievers

As you already know, promotional stress relievers do a great job of keeping people happy and relaxed at work or at home. They are available in millions of shapes and sizes. You will find them mostly in the shape of homes, balls or animals. At Promo Direct, we have wacky custom stress relievers that can do a great job of bringing smiles to your recipients’ faces. These products are low on pricing and won’t create a dent in your marketing budget.

Featured below are 12 stress relievers that look good, funny and will endear themselves to your recipients. Let’s briefly go through them now.

1. Happy Wobbler Stress Reliever

Happy Wobbler Stress Reliever

The Happy Wobbler Stress Reliever ranks among our popular promotional giveaways. They are weighted to wobble back and forth. Made of squeezable polyurethane material, this product helps recipients squeeze their stress away.

2. Goofy Group™ MopToppers® Stress Reliever

Goofy Group™ MopToppers® Stress Reliever

The Goofy Group™ MopToppers® Stress Reliever is different from others because it features a screen cleaner as well. The durable microfiber hair provides a distinct look and serves as a capable screen cleaner.

3. Bee Stress Reliever

Bee Stress Reliever

As the name suggests, this stress reliever is shaped like a bee. It is perfect for the healthcare industry or any sector that you operate in.

4. Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

Happy Dude Mobile Device Holder

This stress reliever functions as a mobile device holder as well. It is the perfect addition to desks and will serve as a great reminder of your brand.

5. Female Physician Stress Reliever

Female Physician Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is regularly given away by hospitals, clinics and hospices. It serves a great tool to build cordial relationships with patients.

6. Hashtag Stress Reliever

Hashtag Stress Reliever

The Hashtag Stress Reliever has a funny-looking face! It serves as the perfect cord winder, helping recipients stay organized with their wires.

7. Happy Face Slo-Release Serenity Squishy

Happy Face Slo-Release Serenity Squishy

This product features a slo-releasing squishy feature. It is softer than most stress relievers. After every squeeze, the Happy Face gradually returns to its original shape. Each squishy comes with individual packing.

8. Super Smiley Stress Reliever

Super Smiley Stress Reliever

The Super Smiley Stress Reliever will serve as a symbol of your goodwill for customers and employees. These products can do a great job of highlighting smiles in a big way.

9. Tangle® Matrix Stress Reliever

Tangle® Matrix Stress Reliever

Made of thermoplastic rubber, the Tangle® Matrix Stress Reliever can also serve as a toy for adults. It is great to own and will serve as a quality pastime at offices.

10. Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever

Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever

This talking stress reliever comes with feather hair. Squeeze it to hear the recorded message that says, “Woo-hoo! Do I feel great! It’s going to be a stress-free day today!”

11. Captain Smiley Stress Reliever

Captain Smiley Stress Reliever

The Captain Smiley Stress Reliever may not be your average superhero but it does bring smiles all-around. And that’s an A-class superhero in my book!

12. Doctor Stress Reliever

Doctor Stress Reliever

Here is another stress reliever for the healthcare industry. This pleasant doctor will ensure that patients warm up to your services in a quick time.

We hope you liked the promotional items featured here. Get in touch with us if you need more inspiring promotional product ideas and we’ll gladly help.