How Creative Imprints Convert Giveaways into Excellent Marketing Tools!

A giveaway without a personalized imprint is like a person without a soul! Sound dramatic? Well, the analogy is certainly right to an extent. A giveaway without your logo or message doesn’t have an identity. It’s just like any other product available in the market. Personalized giveaways, on the other hand, are associated with your company’s DNA, helping them serve as desirable freebies!

How creative are you?

It’s important to get creative with giveaways. What kind of products do you usually select? Do you prefer the latest and coolest items? Or ordinary ones that can pack an equally good marketing punch? It doesn’t matter which product you go for – what matters is the way you personalize them!

As you already know, t-shirtspaper bagsceramic mugs and BIC pens are hugely popular with buyers. In order to have the ideal creative impact, you may have to look beyond just adding your logo and contact details to them.

Would you like to go for giveaways that already have a dose of creativity in them?

How do you define a creative product? In promotional terms, it is a giveaway that can quickly grab the attention of the viewer. The product may either look visually appealing, silly or come with lots of features.

Here’s how you add creative imprints to giveaways!

Choose a product with a sizable imprint area. It could be a t-shirt, mug or bag. Add a catchy message to them during personalization. You could opt for any of the following:

#1- Puns

The right pun will do a great job of highlighting your brand. For example, our customer – a school that provided sign language classes – launched tees with the message “I’m glad I know sign language, it’s pretty handy.” The tees became popular and the school’s sign language classes were soon in demand. Another customer – a science club – came up with an equally witty pun – “I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.”

Do you have a pun that can highlight your services in a funny way? Check online to find a suitable pun!

#2- “Keep Calm” Messaging

Keep Calm messages offer quality visibility. A software company we dealt with got many tees and bags imprinted with the message “Keep Calm AND Just Code.” An enterprising bakery had totes with the message “Keep Calm AND Eat A Cookie.”

Can you come up with a similar message for your business!!

#3- Inspirational Messages

An inspirational message that helps to strike a chord with your target audience is a guaranteed way to win their hearts! Search online for inspirational messages you could use in your marketing campaign. The message can be an uplifting one to keep everybody’s spirits high!

Quotes such as “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.” and “Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.” are just some of the creative imprints we have done for our clients. We invite you to approach us with inspiring quotes and we will get them imprinted on the product of your choice!

Rely on exciting artwork as well for extra creativity!

Use our excellent graphics team to personalize your order with colorful imprints. Approach us with an exciting design you would like to see on your giveaway and we will take care of the rest!

Get in touch with us for suggestions on giveaways that can be used for creative imprints. We look forward to serving your brand soon! Call us at 1-800-748-6150 or send an email to to get started!