Back To Work Gifting Guide: 4 Tips For Choosing Impactful Promo Products

The current pandemic has not only caused employees to work remotely in unusual circumstances, but customers also have been missing out on products and services they rely on. As businesses slowly reopen and welcome customers and staff back, organizations need to show appreciation and say thank you.

A great way to inspire people and win good favor is by giving away welcome-back presents. This will not only make your recipients feel valued but will also highlight the efforts you are putting as a brand to serve your customers and employees. However, gifting just about anything won’t cut it. Your gifts need to be thoughtful, useful, and impactful.

Listed below are four vital tips that will help you with your gifting decision.

1) Opt for Made-In-USA Items

Since 2020 has also been the year of economic uncertainty, we should all do our part of supporting local brands. An easy way to support the economy is by choosing domestic promo products to giveaway. Your customers will also feel great about receiving American-made products. 

What’s more, you can expect quicker turnarounds since products are not ordered from overseas. When you combine this with stringent U.S. quality control protocols that manufacturers need to comply with, you will be providing your customers with high-quality items that arrive on time.

Our Recommendations:

1) 2 oz. Clear Gel Hand Sanitizer








210 ml. CleanZ Pen Hand Sanitizer








3) 16 oz. PolySure™ Out of the Block Bottle








4) Full Color Face Mask








5) 14 oz. Beverage Stein








2) Gift Feel-Good Products

We all can agree that social distancing has left us feeling distant and disconnected. During these challenging times, many businesses want to convey motivational and positive messages with their branding. However, it is difficult to do that if they can’t interact with their core customers or staff who are remotely working.

One way to overcome this is by giving away feel-good promo items. By doing this, your business is saying “ Hey, we know these are hard times. Here’s a gift to cheer you up.” This kind and simple gesture will go a long way in making your staff and customers feel supported.

Our Recommendations:

1) Chocolate Chip Cookies








2) Hershey Kiss Singles








3) Colorbrite Stress Balls








4) Jabba Bluetooth® Speaker








5) Gildan® – DryBlend® 50 Cotton/50 Poly T-Shirt 








3) Giveaway Items That Stands the Test of Time

To ensure that your promos don’t get a reputation for being cheap freebies, it’s best to invest in useful and superior quality products. Such items will surely stand the test of time and not end up in the trash.

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking: “High-quality products are expensive, so how can I afford them during times like these?” Thankfully, there is an extensive range of affordable high-end items you can giveaway. Also, even if you need to spend a bit more on good-quality promos, their longevity is bound to bring in more impressions over time. So what’s the end result here? An impressive ROI that low-quality items can never compete with.

Our Recommendations:

1) Graphite Deluxe 15″ Computer Backpack








2) 25 oz. Curve Stainless Steel Sports Bottle








3) Essential Trade Show Tote with Zipper Closure








4) Port Authority® Core Classic Pique Pocket Polo








5) Trevi Rolling Bag








4) Compact Gifts Can Make a Huge Difference

When it comes to gifting promo items, bigger is not always better. In fact, the size of the gift is almost irrelevant. For incentives and presents to make a huge impact, they need to communicate the care and thought that went into choosing them. High-quality and handy items can do just that, regardless of the size.

Our Recommendations:

1) Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key








2) Abruzzo Wireless Charging Pad








3) Bluetooth Cube Speaker








4) 1.0 oz Compact Hand Sanitizer








5) Compact Sticky Note and Flag Book








5) Quality Products, Quality Customer Service

Choose a brand that not only offers an assortment of high-grade products but also elite customer service. The reason being, these manufacturers are deeply involved in the production of each item, from the beginning to the end. This will also ensure that you receive the same attention and care to all your queries and concerns. Furthermore, with quality customer service, you are bound to receive your products at the fastest time possible.

We hope you have gained some noteworthy insights from this article. If you are still unsure about your gifting decision or need more product options, feel free to get in touch with Promo Direct. Our team of experts will help you choose the best promotional items to convey your brand’s message effectively.