Holidays and Observances in April 2017

Holidays and observances are a great opportunity for businesses to launch a memorable marketing campaign. The following infographic outlines some important holidays coming up in April. Use it to plan your marketing initiatives and make your brand a winner!

April Fool’s Day: Add some fun to your marketing campaign by giving away the ‘Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever’!

National Golf Day: Distribute Golf Shoe Bags to loyal clients and make your brand a part of their golfing days.

Earth day: This Earth Day, hand out the ‘Recycled Notebook with Recycled Paper Pen’ to customers and inspire them to become more environment-friendly.

Easter: Spread the cheer of Easter and your brand’s message by handing out the Collapsible Kan Cooler Event Packs to your target audience!

National Public Health Week: Show your target audience that you care about their health with the StaySafe Waterproof First Aid Kit!

Cancer Control Month: Raise awareness about cancer and inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle by passing out the Ribbon Tote at awareness campaigns!

Stress Awareness Month: Help customers and employees relax and ease away stress with the Tangle® Matrix Stress Reliever!

National Oral Health Month: Highlight the importance of oral health by distributing Munch-It Clips to your patients or business associates!

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