8 Exciting Giveaways For Non-profit Fundraisers

A non-profit fundraiser has a clear message – to collect funds for a cause or campaign. Most non-profit organizations have a team that focuses entirely on fundraising campaigns. A well-managed fundraiser is an effective way to gain funds in a short period of time.

It is important that a lot of people come to fundraisers. For this, you will have to ensure that news about the fundraiser spreads far and wide. Use our promotional gifts for non-profit organizations to give attendees a gentle nudge and encourage them to donate more. You can also use our giveaways to build partnerships with sponsors while promoting your cause in a big way.

All the products featured here cost less than $1 and are meant to power economical fundraising marketing campaigns!

  1. Custom Debossed Wristbands 1/2″4

Wristbands are humble allies of non-profit organizations! Get your message embossed on these colorful wristbands for maximum visibility for your cause. These bands are easy to wear and come with Free Shipping and Set-up. What’s more, you get 100 free bands if you place your order now! There are 2 style available – Adult and Youth. Choose the one that matches your target audience best.

  1. Bic® Clic Stic

This pen ranks among our most popular products! It offers 1.2 miles of writing – recipients will quickly fall in love with these pens. It features a break-resistant pocket clip to ensure durability that lasts years. Use this colorful pen to take your brand places!

  1. 11 oz. Ceramic Budget Mug

Here is a cool looking mug for your next fundraiser. It features a large C-handle so that users can conveniently enjoy their favorite beverages. Attendees are likely to put these mugs to use immediately after taking them home.

  1. Comfort Visor

This visor comes in one size that fits all. It features an inner foam liner and expandable side bars.

  1. 6″ Glow Stick

This is a fun product to own! It is available in a range of attractive colors. The glow feature is a one-time use. A lanyard and safety breakaway are available at extra charge.

  1. Glow Necklaces

This light-up necklace features connectors and a glow that will be appreciated greatly! Users will find this product an attractive one to own!

  1. Two Tone Matte Sunglasses

These sunglasses are available in attractive neon colors! The lenses feature ultraviolet protection and the two-tone look gives this product a lot of appeal.

  1. Bottle Opener Key Chain With LED Light

This attractive product offers high utility value. It features a key chain accompanied by a bottle opener and LED light. There is a slide switch to turn the product ON or OFF. A split ring ensures the product can be carried around with ease!

Did you find these products useful? Take advantage of their low pricing to give your brand a big boost! We look forward to personalizing your order. Feel free to ask us for insights on running successful fundraisers!

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