Customers Experiencing The Brunt Of The Logistical Nightmares In The USA

HENDERSON, Oct 29, 2021: Supply chains in the USA are experiencing massive dislocations in the container market, ports, shipping routes, railways, trucking lines and even warehouses. This has resulted in order backlogs, shortage of manufacturing components, delivery delays and a hike in transportation costs and consumer prices.

Cracks in the supply chain first appeared before the COVID pandemic. There were trade conflicts between the US and China, brought about by unprecedented sanctions and tariffs on China. There was immense volatility experienced in supply and demand as businesses rushed to fill their inventories. This impacted not just American companies but other global businesses as well.

Then came COVID-19 and the lockdown that put immense pressure on how business operate in the US and across the globe. For the most part of 2020, businesses played catching up. The outlook was expected to be more promising in the second half of 2021. However, the past few months witnessed further stress on trade and logistics.

This is because the supply chain was still impacted. Logistically, it was difficult to restart global manufacturing mechanisms after the lockdown. The logistical system that moves raw materials and finished goods globally with precision was finding it difficult to return back to normal. It continues to impact businesses and there is a need to adopt leaner manufacturing and distribution models to tide over the crisis.

Ports across the USA – from the West to the East and Gulf Coasts – are dealing with massive wait times for vessels. The shortage of trucks to transport loads coming off the ships is another concern.

Businesses – especially eCommerce companies – are working with authorities to resolve logistical bottlenecks and ensure that orders are delivered on time. Unfortunately, it may take till the beginning of 2022 for things to return to normal.

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