7 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Brand

Sandwiched between more popular holidays, Thanksgiving is often ignored by marketers looking to gain traction with the target audience. The reason for this is that Thanksgiving isn’t often considered a sales holiday. Instead, it is viewed as a holiday meant for quality family and friends time. But this is exactly why you should leverage Thanksgiving for your marketing gains.

The first things that come to mind when you think of Thanksgiving are family, lip-smacking food, being thankful and helping others. There is a lot of goodness and goodwill associated with this holiday. And this is why you should associate your brand with Thanksgiving. It has the potential to boost sales, increase the visibility of your brand and remind customers that you are still there.

Here are 8 marketing ideas that can ensure your brand rocks this Thanksgiving Day:

  1. Host a webinar

A live Thanksgiving-themed webinar can boost engagement with your audience. Why not have team members cook Thanksgiving meals on a live webinar? The webinar allows you to invite real-time suggestions on ingredients and food items from the audience. You could donate all meals cooked during the webinar to add an extra dimension to your marketing efforts.

  1. Show your support to the community

The month of November is perfect to show thanks to the community you serve. Get some employees to volunteer at an animal shelter or serve food to the homeless. This shows your business cares and will help you win a lot of goodwill. Make sure you click pictures and share them on your business’ social media profiles to inspire others.

  1. Use social media for brand recall

This Thanksgiving, rely on your social media profiles to connect better with your target audience. Your posts can be accompanied by relevant hashtags such as #Thanksgiving, #food, #home, #TurkeyTalk, and #holiday. These tags add to the aura associated with the holiday and ensure that your brand is firmly part of the festivities.

  1. Give a free gift to the best customers

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, your customers appreciate a free gift more than discounts. You could invest in exciting Thanksgiving promotional products that can impress your target audience. Corporate gifts such as the Chaucer Roller & Ballpoint Pen Set or Color Zippin’ Laptop Backpack can win the trust of your target audience. Since 2022 is nearing, you could also invest in some imprinted calendars and be among the first businesses to distribute them.

  1. Show the personal side of your business

Ask followers on social media to share what they are thankful for this November. First, break the ice by presenting the human side of your business through engaging stories. This will encourage followers to share videos or pictures detailing their personal stories.

  1. Associate your business with local events

Look for fall events such as art fairs, craft festivals and farmer markets in your local area. Get a booth and use the event to promote your brand locally and gain some November sales.

  1. Create Thanksgiving-themed product bundles

If you own a retail or online store, you could introduce Thanksgiving-themed product bundles and offer exciting discounts on them. Make sure the products are relevant for the holiday.

We hope these tips help your brand connect better with customers this Thanksgiving. Get in touch with us at Promo Direct if you need more marketing ideas or Thanksgiving imprinted products to promote your brand.