Celebrating National Doctor’s Day With Giveaways (March 30)

National Doctors’ Day is observed all across the world to honor the contributions made by physicians to help people live healthier and disease-free lives. The date of observance may differ from one country to another – in the USA, National Doctors’ Day is observed on March 30 every year.

There is a bit of history behind this observance. Eudora Brown Almond proposed to observe the first National Doctors’ Day on March 30, 1933 in Winder, Georgia. Wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, she chose March 30 to commemorate the first ever use of anesthesia during surgery – on March 30, 1842, Dr. Crawford Long used the anesthetic properties of ether on a patient to painlessly extract a tumor from the neck. This groundbreaking moment is remembered every year when we observe National Doctors’ Day.

A lot of entities in the healthcare industry – from hospices and clinics to rehabilitation centers and multi-specialty hospitals – invest in giveaways to help patients remember the important of staying fit and disease-free. Of late, many non-healthcare businesses have also joined the bandwagon. Local businesses often choose National Doctors’ Day to spread awareness about getting check-ups done frequently. Sometimes, doctors from a local hospital are felicitated at company-sponsored events.

We suggest using National Doctors’ Day to gain some goodwill for your brand. Distribute useful giveaways to make the observance a memorable one. We have listed some exciting giveaways for you below:

  1. Doctor’s Office Coloring Book

https://www.promodirect.com/Customized-doctor-s-office- coloring-book- 20914-ccp27910.htm

This activity and coloring book will highlight the importance of getting frequent check-ups. Children will love these books! Businesses can distribute these books and ensure that employees or customers take them home to their children. This book has an important message – don’t fear doctors!

2. Doctor Stress Reliever

Here are Doctor-shaped stress relievers that’s made of squeezable polyurethane material. They are friendly giveaways that can be put to use at the home or office. This product will bring a smile on recipients’ faces, helping you spread awareness about the occasion.

3. Doctor and Nurse Tissue Pack

The cute doctor and nurse design will win hearts! This product is part of our Free 24 Hour Rush Service – order today and we ship tomorrow! This tissue pack includes 10 tissues made of 3-ply virgin pulp. This product allows for a full-color imprint. A re-sealable backside closure is also present to secure the tissues.

  1. Doctor Shape Gel Bead Hot / Cold Pack
    https://www.promodirect.com/doctor-shape-gel-bead-hot-cold-pack-26149- ccp44504.htm

    Here is a soothing product to help calm nerves! This reusable hot/cold pack offers PVC aqua bead gel therapy.  Users can count on it for temporary relief from sore muscles. This product should be placed in the refrigerator before use. For hot usage, place this product in hot water for 5 minutes. This product is non-toxic and contains water along with glycerin.

    5. Spin Doctor Writing Pad
    https://www.promodirect.com/Custom-spin-doctor-writing- pad-14034- ccp9273.htm

    This interior organizer features a large document pocket. There are plenty of other pockets as well to store business cards, a pen and other small belongings. This is a high quality giveaway to mark National Doctors’ Day!

We hope you find the concept of National Doctors’ Day interesting enough to use for your brand’s marketing efforts. Get in touch with us if you need marketing insights or more giveaway ideas to make the occasion extra special!

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