8 Useful Giveaways For Stress Awareness Month

Not many people are aware about the impact undetected stress can have in our lives. This is evident from the huge number of people dealing with severe anxiety and depression problems in the USA. Stress is also one of the leading causes of heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions. It’s important for firms to offer employees with a friendly and stress-free environment that’s free from scary project deadlines.


Not many people know that April is observed as Stress Awareness Month every year since 1992. The month witnesses health care experts and professionals coming together to boost public awareness about the dangers associated with unchecked stress. It’s a great idea to associate your organization with Stress Awareness Month. Organize health camps at your office and host games or parties to ensure customers and employees have a great time! Let stress be the last thing on their minds during this month and beyond!


  1. Happy Face Slo-Release Serenity Squishy


Squeeze it hard and this happy face slowly and dramatically returns to its original smile! Made of squeezable material, this product is aimed at offering users with a soothing and relaxed feel. Count on this product for more smiling faces at work! Each stress reliever comes in a separate box.


  1. Fun Fidget Cube


This cube has 6 sides featuring fidgeting tools. It helps to maintain focus at work and fight boredom as well. This product is a crowd pleaser and comes packaged in an attractive gift box.


  1. Tangle® Matrix Stress Reliever


This product is made from thermoplastic rubber. It looks and feels different from most stress relievers. Count on this unique product to keep employees happier and customers glued to your brand!


  1. Hashtag Stress Reliever


This reliever is in the shape of a hash tag. What’s unique about this product is its ability to be used as a cord winder. Made of polyurethane foam, this product will prove handy at offices or homes!


  1. Happy Wobbler Stress Reliever


This funny-looking stress reliever is compact and will instantly bring smiles on the faces of passerby! Count on this product to boost happiness levels by a few notches!


  1. Dice Stress Reliever


Here is one of our popular giveaways! Let recipients roll these dices to become more active at work. This product is sold individually and not as pairs. You could give one or two of these stress relievers to each recipient.


  1. Smiley Guy Mobile Device Holder


Here is a handy product for gadget lovers. This stress reliever can be used to secure mobile devices. It’s a great addition to desks and will ensure that gadgets remain in view of users wherever they are.


  1. Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever


This stress reliever is a talking one and has recorded messages. Squeeze it to hear it say “Woo-hoo! Do I feel great! It’s going to be a stress-free day today!” This product can easily help users feel better.


Order one or more of the products listed here to associate Stress Awareness Month with your brand. We will do a good job personalizing these cute giveaways for you. We can also help you with marketing tips that will help your brand excel in 2018 and beyond!

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