Building A Healthier Workplace With Wellness Giveaways

Wellness Giveaways

Promoting a healthy lifestyle at the workplace is not only beneficial for employees, but also for the employer as it creates a more dynamic and efficient working environment. When the health of your staff improves, so will their productivity and morale. This will result in greater employee retention, reduced absenteeism, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Wellness giveaways can help you encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating better and managing stress the right way. Let’s look at some incredible wellness giveaways that you can use to improve the health and well-being of your employees. 

1) Fitness Trackers

Incorporating technology into your wellness initiatives is a fun way to get your employees to work towards their fitness and health goals. Our Fitness trackers feature sensors that will help them monitor body movements, heart rates, and even blood pressure. What a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and earn the goodwill of your employees!

Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet

2) Salad Bowl Sets

A healthy meal can make anyone feel inspired, productive and more focused. A salad bowl set is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits among your employees. What’s more, by eating healthy your staff will have less sick days as well. A win-win for both employers and employees. 

Salad Bowl Set

3) Customized Sports Bottles

According to the National Cancer Institute’s Food Attitudes and Behaviors, an alarming 78% of people admitted drinking less than 8 cups of water each day. The easiest way to remind your employees to drink water is to give them a water bottle. In addition, customized sports bottles are durable and have the advantage of higher longevity. These bottles can serve as the perfect traveling companions for gyms and hikes.

Gobi Sports Bottle

4) Sanitizers

Part of staying healthy depends on cleanliness and the ability to avoid contracting illnesses. A sanitizer is a great way to show your employees that you care about their health. Not only will it keep your staff healthy by eliminating germs but it will also give quality brand exposure wherever it is taken.

Credit Card Shaped Hand Sanitizer

5) Exercise Body Bands

When it comes to improving the fitness of your employees, exercise body bands are an ideal choice. They aid in increasing muscle strength and will help your staff stay in better shape. Moreover, they are easy to store in a gym bag and perfect for exercising without the need for weights.

Exercise Body Band

6) Stress Balls

Work-related stress can cause a great deal of tension and in some cases cause sleep deprivation. The stress ball is a great stress buster and is an excellent giveaway for your employees. It alleviates tension and ensures that blood is circulated throughout various parts of the body. What’s more, stress balls greatly improves mood as they decrease stress levels.

Bee Stress Reliever

Making sure that your workforce is healthy and happy is key to running a successful business. Incorporating these promo product ideas into an organized wellness program will help improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs.