All You Need To Know About Promotional Swag Bags

Promotional swag bag

Swag bags have great visual appeal and evoke a sense of anticipation at events. Attendees and visitors at trade shows or exhibitions look forward eagerly to swag bags. A good-looking swag bag will boost anticipation levels by a couple of notches. Make sure that the swag bag contains some exciting items and not just pens or key chains!

At Promo Direct, you have access to some of the finest swag bags in the industry. You will find swag bags in the colors, sizes, shapes, and designs of your choice. Most swag bags are compact and can be carried around with ease. 

When should you give out promotional swag bags?

Apart from trade shows, meetings and exhibitions, swag bags can also be given out in the following scenarios:

  • Grand openings: Whether you are launching a store or office, a swag bag is a great way to help invitees become acquainted with your brand.
  • Product launches: A product launch deserves all the attention it can get! No better way than by giving swag bags to cherished customers and employees.
  • Appreciation tools: Impress customers and employees with swag bags featuring useful goodies. This will help them connect with your brand better
  • Parties: A party is a time for some merry enjoyment and fun! We look forward to 

What to include in swag bags?

The items you place in your swag bag depend on the budget, marketing goals, and nature of the event. The best swag bags feature a mixture of promotional products such as:

  • Seasonal items

Seasonal items are hugely popular among our buyers. We take pride in personalizing promotional giveaways that connect with target audiences during the 3 seasons. These include:

  • Umbrellas for the spring or fall
  • Sunglasses or beach balls for the summer
  • Lip balms for the winter
  • Useful items

These rank among the most popular giveaways and include any of the following:

  • Bottle or mugs
  • Power banks or mobile chargers
  • Bags
  • T-shirts and lots more!
  • Curiosities

Good swag bags usually contain one item recipients might not purchase for themselves. This includes a subscription to a useful website, a gift card, a memento or unique desk accessories. What kind of curiosities would you like to buy for your target audience?

Recommended swag bags for your business

We invite you to explore the different categories of bags at our disposal. Here are some of them:

Liked the swag bags featured here? Get in touch with us for any advice on how to highlight your brand using swag bags. We’ll gladly help. Looking forward to personalize your order soon.