10 Promotional Products Aimed At Relaxation While Promoting Your Brand At The Same Time


Most of us lead stress-filled lives. This stress could be a result of deadlines at work, managing finances or bad relationships. Ideally, to deal with stress you will have to try some relaxation techniques. Meditation practices such as Yoga come to mind. But not everybody has time for Yoga. At Promo Direct, we realize that a lot of your customers and employees deal with stress on a regular basis. It’s important to emphasize with them and invest in relaxation promotional products to give your brand a big boost.

We have highlights 10 promotional items that are popular as relaxation-themed giveaways among our clientele. We recommend that you give these products a look and purchase them for your next marketing campaign.

  1. Color Relaxation Coloring Book (Animals)

Color Relaxation Coloring Book (Animals)

A coloring book is not the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about relaxation. But this coloring book is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It features 12 beautiful images of animals with inspirational messages. Each page is made of thick velvet stock paper, allowing you to frame and hang works of art. Place an order for this coloring book today! 

  1. Inspirations for Life Calendar

Inspirations for Life Calendar

With 2020 around the corner, this calendar is the perfect addition to your marketing campaign. It features scenic imagery that offers relaxing visions. It makes for an eye-catching calendar. Recipients will find their minds wandering to remote places when they see this calendar! 

  1. 2 oz. Soy Based Scented Candle

2 oz. Soy Based Scented Candle

This 2 oz. scented and holiday candle comes in a screw-top metal tin of silver and bronze. Featuring white wax, the candle scent is available in the following flavors: Grapefruit Currant, Tropical Melon, Mojito, Midnight Woods, Sugar Cookie, Citrus Verbena, Berry Spice, Plum Brandy (Blue), Revive, Frosted Pinecone (Green), Cinnamon Sugar (White) and Cranberry Spice (Red). That’s a lot of scents! Choose one that suits your branding efforts best! 

  1. Feel-good 7 Piece Spa Kit

Feel-good 7 Piece Spa Kit

This spa kit features a loofah sponge, a mesh scrubber, a pumice stone, a padded sponge with elastic strap, a wood-handled bath brush, a wood-handled callous smoother and a wooden foot brush. All of this comes in a clear zippered bag. 

  1. Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever

Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever

This talking stress reliever comes with feather hair. Recipients can squeeze it to hear the pre-recorded message: “Woo-hoo! Do I feel great! It’s going to be a stress-free day today!” 

  1. Goofy Group™ Phone Stand

Goofy Group™ Phone Stand

This product will help beat stress and serve as a useful gadget. Made of soft polyurethane, this stress reliever will serve as a capable gadget to hold your mobile device. It features a curved base that can adjust to the weight of most devices without tipping over. It can hold all cellphones 7″ or smaller. 

  1. Triangle IQ Game

Triangle IQ Game

This tricky triangle IQ game will help your target audience take their time off stress! Recipients can play this game by arranging the pegs so that only one hole remains empty. Every time the user jumps a peg, it must be removed from the board. The aim of this game is to have only one peg left standing. 

  1. Beach Paddle Ball Set


Beach Paddle Ball Set

Made of wood and available in blue and green, this game set features 2 paddles and 1 ball. It’s a great product to bat away stress! The set comes packaged in a mesh bag! 

  1. Flying Dog Toy

Flying Dog Toy

Pets, especially dogs, are great companions to fight stress! This product can be used like a flying disc for dogs. It is durable and comfortable for the dog to grip. Made of polyester and cotton rope, this set is a value buy! 

  1. Loveable Lion with Shirt

Loveable Lion with Shirt

This cute lion wears a cozy T-shirt and will win hearts in a quick time. You can choose a color from 14 popular shirt colors. It is huggable and will be a great hit with adults and children.

We look forward to personalizing one or more of these 10 products for you. We can also recommend more products if you need more ideas. Get in touch and we’ll gladly be of help!