All You Need To Know About Promotional Calendars

It’s difficult to find a house or office that doesn’t have a calendar. Everywhere you go, you will find calendars on desks or walls, providing timely reminders to passerby. Businesses have been using promotional calendars for many decades now. There is a clear understanding about the impact calendars can have on marketing campaigns!


You should distribute calendars as early as possible!

It’s August and the New Year is still a couple of months away. We recommend that businesses personalize calendars as early as they can – this helps to be among the first to give away calendars. Recipients are more likely to retain and use the first few calendars they receive, giving your business a good chance of winning brand visibility for the whole year.


Where can you distribute calendars?

Calendars have a certain desirability factor associated with them. People love receiving them – you can distribute calendars at offices, stores, events, shopping centers and any place where your target audience gathers!


Why are calendars potent marketing tools?

The main factors that help calendars being chosen repeatedly as marketing tools are as follows:

  1. 24/7 Visibility

Calendars are used throughout the year, giving the advertising company valuable visibility and ROI.

  1. High Economical Value

Calendars rank among the most budget-friendly giveaways, allowing users to have a lot to spare in their marketing budget.

  1. High souvenir value

There’s every chance a calendar doesn’t get discarded soon even after the year it showcases has passed by. This is because users develop a certain emotional bond with calendars, ensuring that they are retained for a longer time.

  1. Easy to distribute

Calendars are not bulky in nature, allowing marketers to carry hundreds or thousands of them to an event for distribution.


Understanding the different calendar options available  

Featured below are some categories of calendars that will help kick-start your marketing campaign. Go through these categories and choose one that best suits your marketing needs.


  1. Wall Calendars

An attractive wall calendar can do an excellent job of getting people hooked to your brand. A wall calendar is usually placed in an easily accessible spot so that residents or visitors can have a quick glance at dates. The more attractive your calendars are, the greater chances your brand has at having a successful marketing campaign!

Recommended Buys: Muscle Cars Wall Calendar, American Scenic Wall Calendar, Wildlife Wall Calendar – Stapled, Recipe Spiral Wall Calendar, and Puppies & Kittens Wall Calendar – Stapled.


  1. Desk Calendars

Desk calendars will add a more personal touch to your marketing efforts. This is because desk calendars are aimed at gaining the approval of individual recipients and will be likely used on personal desks. Constant viewing of desk calendars ensures that the advertising brand gains fans for life!

Recommended Buys: I Love Coffee Desk Calendar, Simplicity Large Desk Calendar, Contemporary Quotes Calendar, American Splendor Desk Calendar, and House Shape Desk Calendar.


  1. Stick-Up & Magnetic Calendars

Stick-Up & Magnetic calendars add a novel touch to marketing campaigns. Use the power of these compact calendars to ensure your brand gets noticed far and wide.

Recommended Buys: Repositionable Laptop Calendar, Stick-Up Calendars (Money), and Stick-It! Calendar Pads.


  1. Weekly & Monthly Planners

Help customers and employees stay organized and on top of their priorities with our planners. These are useful products that can give your branding efforts a good push.

Recommended Buys: Budget Marble Monthly Planner, Weekly Organizer Planner, and Ribbon Divider Weekly Planner.


We hope this article encourages you to opt for calendars. Get in touch with us to learn how you can use calendars to gain positive marketing goodwill – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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