9 Tips To Ensure Your Booth Stands Out At The Next Trade Show

9 Tips To Ensure Your Booth Stands Out At The Next TradeShow

Trade shows provide ample opportunities to gain quality exposure for your brand. Unfortunately, you will have to share the floor with competitors looking to do better than your booth. This makes an outing at a trade show daunting, especially if you represent a small business.

It’s important to make sure that your booth stands out when you participate at the next trade show. We suggest that you go through the following trade show tips to ensure your next event is a roaring success!

1. Research well and plan ahead

It’s important to research well about the event and the kind of competitors you can expect. Prepare a pre-show strategy that will help highlight your presence at the event in a big way. This strategy should involve outbound emails, social media posts, and personal invitations. This will help you gain a better turnout at your booth.

2. Produce short videos that can be shown at your booth

If a picture can say a thousand words, then a video is at least worth 20,000 words! Shoot short videos featuring testimonials, brand intros, product details, and employee experiences. These videos can be shared on YouTube, Vimeo, and social media. Access these links at the event and make sure that the videos are playing on screens when visitors arrive at your booth!

3. Ensure that well-trained staff members are manning your booth

It’s important to have the most experienced employees working at your booth. Their superior knowledge about your products and services will provide them with confidence that helps to handle customers with ease.

4. Use powerful designs to your advantage.

Make your booth a visual treat by adorning it with beautiful designs. Use the power of soothing colors and unique designs to ensure your booth stands apart from the rest. This will help your company attract attention on the floor.

5. Don’t hesitate to be bold!

A lot of companies hire smart men and women exclusively for the trade show. Their primary responsibility is to gather contact info of prospects. Their youthful appeal will rub off on your booth, giving it a vibrant edge.

6. Distribute useful giveaways

Invest in useful giveaways that will remind visitors about your brand long after they reach home. Recommended buys: PopSockets Phone Stand, The “Original” Bullet Light, Badge Holder Neck Wallet, and Tire Gauge. Visit our website or get in touch with us for more trade show giveaway ideas.

7. Hand out big bags to keep all goodies

The average attendee at a trade show will get a lot of freebies from the booths he/she visits. And a handy bag will be needed to keep everything in one place to take home. We recommend that you opt for a spacious bag that can accommodate goodies collected from multiple booths. Recommended buys: Non Woven Gift Tote and Jumbo Tradeshow Tote.

8. Be calm and attentive

If things go well, your booth will be flooded with visitors! It’s important for people manning your booth to look hospitable and ready to take queries. Interact with attendees and shower them with your attention. Make them feel wanted and they will spend a lot of time at your booth!

9. Don’t forget to follow up with leads!

The main purpose of being part of a trade show is to gain quality leads. Don’t forget to get in touch with warm prospects who shared their contact details during the event. Give them an old-fashioned call or thank them on social media. This will serve as the beginning of a long business journey with them.

We wish you all the best for the next trade show. Get in touch with us if you need more marketing tips to take your brand forward!