7 Common Traits Associated With Popular Giveaways

Popular Giveaways

A whopping $23 billion dollars – that’s the estimated distributor sales for 2017! This astronomical figure is proof that the promotional gifts industry is growing by leaps and bounds. There is no doubt that giveaways can serve as a potent marketing channel for small and big businesses.

So, what makes giveaways so successful? A successful giveaway usually features a couple or all of the traits featured below to strike a chord with recipients. Let’s go through them so that you are more prepared while placing your order next time: 

1. Impressive imprint area

A giveaway such as a bag, mug or pen offers a quality imprint area to ensure that your logo gets noticed not just by users but people around them as well. For example, an imprinted bag will provide you with valuable visibility around town! 

2. Uniqueness

Your marketing campaign can never go wrong with a personalized microwaveable mug or a comfortable tee. They are unique because they feature YOUR logo and message. Count on imprinted giveaways to ensure recipients remember your brand more often! 

3. Creative element

Use some wacky ideas to add a touch of creativity to your giveaways. Sit with your team and come up with some exciting giveaway ideas to give your brand a huge marketing boost! Some examples of creative giveaways include flexible drinking straws from Y + Yoga Center in Shanghai, erazer-shaped memory sticks from Alzheimers New Zealand, and fake cockroaches from D.D. Drin Insect Elimination.

4. Surprise factor

People love receiving gifts! There is an element of excitement associated with every giveaway received in person or at an event. You can’t match this excitement through print or TV ads.

5. Usefulness

Most giveaways, from pens and bags to mugs and t-shirts, can be put to use immediately. They offer high utility value, ensuring repeated use so that recipients remember your brand more often.

6. Relevance

Most of our buyers opt for relevant giveaways that help them connect with their target audience. For example, pill boxes for the healthcare industry, funny stress relievers for office-goers or school kits aimed at the young.

7. Longevity

A lot of our giveaways can last years. This ensures that our buyers gain valuable ROI long after they have handed out giveaways. Which other marketing channel offers the longevity associated with giveaways?

Need help with choosing the right giveaway? Get in touch with us and we will provide you with creative giveaway ideas that can highlight your brand in style. You could also ask us for small business marketing tips to take your company forward.