8 Excellent Fall Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business

8 Excellent Fall Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business Banner

For many Americans, fall is their favorite time of the year. Consumers love the pumpkins, football games, festivities and changing colors associated with this season! With temperatures beginning to drop and nights getting longer, fall is adored and looked forward to by everyone.

And this is why fall is an excellent opportunity to highlight your business. This year is the right time to win over new customers and reward old ones. Here are some tips to have a rewarding marketing campaign this fall:

  1. Provide your website with a new autumn-based look

Embrace the fall spirit by sprinkling the colors orange and yellow across your website. You could use autumn-themed banners or decorate your products/services page to ensure visitors join in the festivities. The lovely design updates must be accompanied with attractive copy (such as “Pick your favorite fall product” or “It’s the season to get cozy”) to ensure the message resonates with your target audience.

  1. Add seasonal elements to your social media channels

Ensure that your social media pages have a consistent and fall-inspired theme. Your posts should carry the same seasonal elements and design present in the website.

  1. Launch a photo contest on social media

A photo contest is a great way to produce excitement about your brand and the holidays. The contest can invite participants to send in photographs on varied topics, including their best fall scenery, pumpkin spice lattes, fall fashion, fall decor or pumpkin decorations. Such contests should be accompanied by attractive promotional giveaways for winners.

  1. Provide exciting deals

Perform some research to understand what customers buy often from you. Use these insights to offer products at irresistible deals and discounts that don’t appear overly promotional. These deals can be run for a week or two with the last date being prominently highlighted on your website.

  1. Celebrate the season’s holidays

Fall has some of the year’s greatest holidays! Launch marketing campaigns aimed at Halloween and Thanksgiving. By associating your brand with these memorable holidays, you are ensuring that your customers think of your brand more often.

  1. Send out fall-themed emailers

Use clever copy and fall-inspired design elements in your emailer for maximum impact during the season. You can promote your products or contests through emailers.

  1. Host a fall party at work and invite customers

Everybody loves parties! Why not have customers invited to a special fall party? Choose a theme that can connect with your target audience, from football to Halloween and everything in between! Ensure that you send out invites well in advance to get maximum footfalls at the party.

  1. Invest in quality fall-themed giveaways!

A quality giveaway can highlight your brand in style, ensuring long-term visibility. Invest in giveaways that are practical and great to own. Add warmth to the cool weather with a cozy blanket or custom fleece. Fall also represents back to school, so you could distribute school promotional items aimed at children. You could also invest in products as diverse as promotional mugs, backpacks, coolers, flashlights and outerwear. Feel free to get in touch with us for more precise promotional product recommendations.

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